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FX Tank 20

New to aqua bag instability training? We recommend starting with the FX Tank 20 Aqua Bag first. Step it up to a whole new level with the FX Tank 20 challenge!

The ultimate workout challenge

New to aqua bag instability training? We recommend starting with the Boba 13 or the Tank 15 first.

Step it up to a whole new level with the FX Tank 20 challenge, our heaviest aqua bag at 20 kg. Much more responsive and versatile than a dead weight, this is the only fitness product you need for a home gym experience. From flowing dance steps to explosive movements, the FX Tank 20 is the perfect companion to your workout of choice.  

Note: Water weights can feel much heavier than normal weights.


New to water workouts? Not sure how to begin?

Get arm, leg and whole body workouts plus more in our free 5-Day Welcome Workout Series - now available with all purchases. 

Perfect For 

● Gym enthusiasts  
● Low impact work-outs
● Yogis and gymnasts 
● Home workouts


Product Details

● Up to 20 kg adjustable water weight 
● Dimensions: 76cm x 20cm
● Comes with air pump and Quick Start guide
●  30-day return policy 
● High-grade inflatable PVC: 100% leak-proof
● Withstands up to 100kg body weight
● Two heavy-duty, double-stitched neoprene handles
● Deflate and pack easily with one-click push valve 
● Each FX product is committed to sustainability

*Caution: improper use may cause injuries

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jon C
Quarantine Hotel Requirement

Bought it for my hotel quarantine. Highly recommended when only choices are small rooms.
Not only that, I continue to use it at home now as well without hassle of going to the gym. A portable Bulgarian Bag.
Only issue is that I can't fully empty the bag when packing for always worried that water would leak out.


Super versatile, very easy and fast to set.
Lots of exercise variety and you can fill it up with water as light or heavy as you want! FULL RECOMMENDED

Yeung Tsz Kin

FX Tank 20

Cedric Barsamian
Even better than expected

It takes 2 minutes to set up, and makes your workout so much more challenging, especially for your core. I truly love it. Easy to carry and easy to adapt for everyone. 🔥🔥🔥

Shai Chu
Loved it!

Purchased this so I could bring this to my quarantine hotel and continue working out. True lifesaver! Would recommend for anyone who travels as well and wants to stay consistent with their strength training. Love how it’s easy to set up and the feeling of having to balance the water makes my regular workouts much harder.

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