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By Winnie Cheung

Aqua Bag Workout: 15 Exercises to Get You Started

Aqua Bag Workout: The Best Exercises for a Full Body Session

Why should I use aqua bags in my workouts?

Aqua bags and water-filled weights are a great way to exercise because the water inside keeps flowing and moving, making you engage your stabilizing muscles. Not only this but also aqua bag workouts are a form of functional training that improves your body’s ability to perform everyday functions better.

There are numerous benefits to using aqua bags, including:

  • Portability. They are easy to empty, fold and pack to take to the park, beach, or even a work trip. 
  • Adjustable Weight. When you are ready for a more significant challenge, just add more water—no need to buy another piece of equipment. 
  • Safe and Friendly. Aqua bags are great because of their soft, flexible nature. If you hit yourself or drop it, it just bounces off.  
  • Versatility. Depending on the weight, you can use your aqua bag for:
    • strength workout (heavier weight)
    • cardio, functional, and HIIT training (medium to lightweight)
    • agility and rehab (lightweight)
  • Train you to Move Better. When performing exercises, if we are compensating or overusing our left or right side, the water immediately sloshes to one side, giving us immediate feedback. Too much water movement is also a great reminder to brace our core more to stabilize the movement. 

Aqua bags come in different shapes. Here will explore how to workout with the different options for aqua bags.


Kettlebell aqua bag workouts

In Fluid X, under the sphere-shaped aqua bags, you can find the FX Boba 13 and the FX Cube 7. The number indicates the maximum weight for that equipment when filled with water. 

Both pieces of equipment are extremely versatile as we can use them as a kettlebell or a dumbbell. The challenge will vary depending on how much water weight it has. We want to leave air for the water to move since this will allow our core stabilizing muscles to engage more. 

Here are the best aqua bag workout for the Boba and Cube:

FX Swing

water bag exercises


  1. Hold the FX Boba by one handle with both hands. 
  2. Using the momentum from the thrusting motion, swing the Aqua Bag forward and up to chest level. 
  3. Keep feet flat on the ground - resist the urge to go onto toes when swinging forward. 
  4. Make sure to control the FX Boba on the way down.

WHY? It’s a high-intensity, low-impact aqua bag workout that can improve your cardio, strength, and power.

WHERE? This targets your glutes, hamstrings, spinal erectors, and upper back muscles.

Goblet Squat

water bag exerciseswater bag exercises


  1. Hold the FX Boba with one hand on each side by the handles or on the Boba itself.
  2. Keep your back straight, lower your body as if sitting down, and go as low as comfortable.
  3. Maintain your shoulders back - chest open 
  4. Feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart.

WHY? It is a simple and effective movement that provides a total body aqua bag workout and is easy on the lower back. 

WHERE? They work your quads, calves, glutes, entire core, and arms.

Single Leg Row

water bag exercises


  1. Stand on one leg and hold the FX Cube in the opposite hand.
  2. Bend your hips back until your torso is parallel to the floor.
  3. Hold your other leg as parallel to the floor as possible.
  4. Row the weight to your hip while keeping your balance.
  5. Alternate to the other side. 


WHY? In this aqua bag workout, you are working on balance and stability and getting the benefits of single-arm exercises such as improved coordination and core. 


WHERE? This targets mainly your back, including your lats, traps, and deltoids. 



water bag exerciseswater bag exercises


  1. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.
  2. Holding one handle of the FX Boba, extend the arm up and look at the FX Boba.
  3. Try to keep your arm as upright as possible - easier to control the Aqua Bag.
  4. With your other arm, reach down toward the floor while keeping the holding arm upright. 

WHY? This aqua bag exercise is just as good at building total-body stability and improving core strength.

WHERE? Here we are working the glutes and our abdominals, especially the obliques. 

Russian Twist

  1. Sit on the floor and bring your legs out.
  2. Lean back slightly, so your torso and legs form a V-like shape, bracing your abdominal wall to engage your core.
  3. Balancing here and keeping your legs stationary. While holding the FX Cube, twist your torso from side to side. 

Note: For an easier version, let your feet rest on the floor. 


WHY? It’s a really effective aqua bag workout for your core and shoulders. The movement of the water adds a bit of spice to it! It also helps improve your balance.


WHERE? We are going to feel this one mainly in the core. 

water bag exercises

For all of the above exercises, if they feel too challenging empty water from the FX equipment to make it lighter and try again. A great starting point to fill up your FX equipment is to start with 1/3 and go from there. 

Regarding choosing between the FX Boba 13 or Cube 7, you can play around with what feels comfortable, considering the FX Boba is bigger, and the Cube is more compact and lighter. 

If you’re looking for more aqua bag workouts with the Cube, look no further. 

Barbell aqua bag workouts

Under the cylinder-shaped aqua bags, Fluid X has two options Tank 15 and Tank 20. There are many aqua bag workouts with this piece of equipment that resembles a barbell, yet softer and with the added challenge of a constant motion weight. 

The Tank has two sets of handles. The external handles are on the outside, and the internal handles are on the inside. The different handles increase the variety of exercises we can perform. 

Here are some aqua bag workouts we can do with the FX Tank:

aqua bag exercises

Back Squat

aqua bag exercisesaqua bag exercises


  1. Place the aqua bag behind your head. Holding securely. You can choose between internal or external handles.
  2. Keep feet flat on the floor and a straight back. 
  3. Squat down as if sitting down on a chair. 
  4. Avoid leaning forward too much. 
  5. Keep the chin and chest up. 

WHY? The back squat is a favorite for getting the muscles worked in the lower body because it targets many big muscles simultaneously. 

WHERE? This builds strength in the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps.


aqua bag exercisesaqua bag exercises


  1. Keep a straight back. 
  2. Keep the aqua bag as close to your body as possible throughout the movement. 
  3. Make sure to hinge at the hips, keeping bend at the knees minimal - it should not be a squat. 
  4. Don’t try to lift the Aqua Bag with your arms - your lower back and legs should do most of the lifting. 

WHY? This is a very effective aqua bag exercise to increase functional strength. It trains you to safely lift objects off the floor, which is a regular part of our daily activities. 

WHERE? This hinge exercise works the glutes, hamstrings, core, back, and traps.

Bent Over Row

aqua bag exercisesaqua bag exercises


  1. Make sure to hinge at the hips, keeping bend at the knees minimal. 
  2. Drive elbows back and in towards each other - imagine trying to touch your two elbows behind you, bringing the aqua bag to your navel. 
  3. Keep a straight back - shoulders back.
  4. Lower back down in a controlled manner.

WHY? This aqua bag exercise is fantastic for working back muscles, trunk stability, and hip stability.

WHERE? I love this because you get a full body workout, hitting the upper and lower back, glutes, hamstrings, lats, and shoulders.

Front Squat

aqua bag exercises


  1. Place FX Tank to rest on the front of your shoulders.
  2. Keep feet flat on the floor and keep a straight back. 
  3. Avoid leaning forward, keep your chin up and brace your core.
  4. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor.  
  5. Push your feet into the floor and bring yourself back to a standing position.

WHY? Front squats make it on our list because they are a great way to work on core stability by shifting the weight from your back to your front. This change can help us reduce the risk of lower back pain. 

WHERE? The muscles being worked mainly include the quads, glutes, hips, and hamstrings. 

Reverse Lunge

aqua bag exercises


  1. Place the FX comfortably behind your head, resting on your shoulders
  2. Chest upright
  3. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and brace your core.
  4. Take a step backward with one foot. 
  5. Lower your hips, so your right thigh becomes parallel to the floor with your right knee positioned directly over your ankle. Your left knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle and pointing toward the floor with your left heel lifted.
  6. Return to standing by pressing your right heel into the floor and bringing your left leg forward to complete one rep.
  7. Repeat on the other side.

WHY? This move with the barbell can feel tricky because of the forward and backward motion of the lunges. Doing it with the aqua bag gives us peace of mind of dropping the weight, plus the aqua bag nestles comfortably on your back without the metal bar digging in.

WHERE? This aqua bag exercise targets our hamstrings and glutes, while the forward lunge version works more on the quads. 

If you’re looking for more workouts with the FX Tank, you can head to the Fluid X YouTube channel for more aqua bag exercises. 

Dumbbell aqua bag workouts

Ice Skaters

aqua bag workouts



  1. Hold FX Boba by both handles.
  2. Hop from side to side, switching legs as if hopping over a puddle or speed skating. 
  3. Swing the Boba in the direction that you are jumping to. The water should move with you.

WHY? Ice skaters are great cardio, it gets your heart rate up, and at the same time, you strengthen your legs and improve stability and balance. Plus, working on that knee strength!

WHERE? You will feel the burn on your quads, glutes, and outer thighs.

Shoulder Press

aqua bag workoutsaqua bag workouts


  1. Hold the FX Boba in front of your chest, elbows bent. 
  2. Keep your chest up and your core braced, and look straightforward throughout the move.
  3. Press the FX Boba directly upwards until your arms are straight and the weights touch above your head. 
  4. Slowly lower the weights to the start position under control, pause, and start the next rep.

For an easier variation, use the FX Cube with a lighter weight.

WHY? This aqua bag workout improves overall strength and posture and decreases the risk of osteoporosis.

WHERE? This upper body exercise targets muscles such as the traps, the delts, and the triceps.

Lunge Twist

aqua bag workoutsaqua bag workouts


  1. Keep knees at 90 degrees 
  2. Keep back upright 
  3. Lower knee as close to ground as possible 
  4. Hold Aqua Bag at chest or chin level 
  5. Ensure to twist to each side - engaging the obliques fully 

WHY? Adding a twist to this lunge makes it a full-body workout, engaging many different muscle groups.

WHERE? You will work your lower body, core, and arms in this aqua bag exercise. 


aqua bag workouts


  1. Begin in a standing position with good posture. Shoulders should be relaxed and positioned over the hips. Knees should remain straight but soft (not locked or stiff).
  2. Hold the FX Boba in front of the body, grasping the handles. 
  3. Begin by circling to the right. Carry the FX Boba around the right side of your head and let the FX Boba drop down behind the neck. Finish the circle by bringing it around the left side of your head back to the starting position...
  1. After you complete one full rotation, reverse direction.

WHY? Reduces tension and increases range of motion in shoulders and upper back. It is a great mobility aqua bag exercise.

WHERE? The halo primarily works your shoulders, triceps, and upper back.

Weighted Crunches

aqua bag workoutsaqua bag workouts


  1. Hold the FX Boba with one hand on each side
  2. Keep a slight bend in the elbows 
  3. Keep eye gaze looking up/forward 
  4. When crunching, try to bring your shoulders off the ground 

WHY? We all love a good crunch, so we’re here to add some extra. We intensify the movement by holding the FX Boba upright and delivering a powerful core exercise. 

WHERE? This targets your abdominal muscles, lower back, and obliques. 


Combining kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbell aqua bag workouts

With the FX Boba and FX Tank, we can achieve a great full-body workout that gets our heart pumping and works on our functional strength.

Here is an example of a Full Body Functional Interval Training:

Complete three sets of the following exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds at the end of each round:

  • Round 1: Back Squat – FX Swing
  • Round 2: Bent Over Row - Shoulder Press
  • Round 3: Ice Skaters - Halo
  • Round 4: Russian Twist - Weighted Sit Up

Remember to warm up before each workout to get those muscles ready and cool down with a quick stretch afterward. 

The Best Aqua Bag Workouts 

For functional and resistance training, aqua bag workouts are one of the best options out there. They are such versatile pieces of equipment, allowing us to do various exercises for functional training that prepares us to deal with our everyday activities more confidently. 

Give the workout a try, play around with the weight in the equipment, start light and get a feel for the movement of the water, and increase the weight with time when you feel ready for a more significant challenge. 

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