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Up to 20kg

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Similar to Barbells

Similar to Barbells

Similar to Kettle Bells & Medicine Balls  

Great add on for body weight exercises

Exercise Cards

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Plastic water-filled weights


"I'm bored of the same old workout!"

"I want to workout at home!"

"Is there ONE workout that increases core, strength, and balance?"

Then meet THE FLUID Aqua bag

  • Train Your Core

    As soon as you pick up FX, balancing the aqua bag forces core engagement and keeps your core tight without even having to try.

  • Real World Training

    Unlike a perfectly balanced barbell, adjusting to constantly shifting water replicates sports training like rugby, judo, and tennis.

  • Work Every Muscle

    The FX is versatile and isolates muscle groups that normally cannot be targeted by standard weight training. 

  • Functional & Fun

    Flaunt, swing, stretch, lift, and play with an aqua weight bag. Every workout is different with new challenges.

  • Adjust Your Weight

    From 0 to 20 kg, adjust the weight of your FX bag for a easier or more challenging workout scaled to your level of fitness

  • Take it Anywhere

    Workout anywhere: on the beach, at the park, on vacation. Get weight training in your own home without messing with barbells or plates.

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