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Say Goodbye to Running Injures with Fluid X Aqua Bags

Fluid X aqua bags are a dynamic, functional way to combine strength, stamina, coordination, and stability exercises into your workout routine. With our Fluid X aqua bags, you have unlimited workout possibilities.

More and more coaches and athletes are turning to Fluid X for instability training. Running Coach Ranell Hobson from the Academy of Sport Speed Australia loves to use FX aqua bags for her drills and training. 

Through her coaching, Ranell has helped thousands of athletes worldwide modify their physical qualities and biomechanics to maximize sprint performance and reduce their risk of injury.

Kiu Sir, ultramarathon runner, AASFP distance running coach, HK168 Champion, and Run Beyond Distance - Japan author, uses FX aqua bags during warm-ups to improve stabilization and increase feedback and body awareness. 

The live water weight on our aqua bags means that your core remains engaged no matter your exercise. Thanks to our three water modalities, you can engage with the dynamic of water in different ways:

  • FX Passive Resistance. Keep water as still as possible.
  • FX Active Resistance. Create a motion that moves the water against you.
  • FX Flow. Move in coordination with the water. 

The three water modalities mean increasing your strength and stability when engaging with FX Passive Resistance exercises such as Overhead Squats.

You can increase agility and power when engaging in FX Active Resistance exercises. As you disturb the water to move against you, it recruits your stabilizer muscles on your core and the rest of your body. This leads to better form, technique, posture, and stability. 

Another important point is that aqua bag training can lead to injury prevention as it increases head-to-toe stabilization. 

Finally, FX Flow means that we are activating our senses and stimulating our mind-body connection. Learning to move with the momentum of the water helps us work in coordination, and the constant motion increases stamina and endurance. 

The FX Tank 15 is a great training tool for running as it provides immediate feedback to improve posture. It requires additional recruitment of core and postural stabilizing musculature, improving joint stability and speed. 

Ready to bring your running training and drills to the next level? Get your FX now! 

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