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By Tiara Hoquee

Aqua Bag Fitness: A New Way to Work Out

How Aqua Bag Fitness is Changing the Game

Table of Contents

  • What Makes Aqua Bag Training Better
  • How to Train with Aqua Bags
  • Incorporating Aqua Bag Training into your Existing Routine
  • Start on Your Aqua Bag Fitness Journey Today

Have you ever heard of an aqua bag? This new equipment in the fitness universe comprises a cylinder- or sphere-shaped bag made of durable PVC plastic that is filled with water. Aqua bag training is a great workout that uses the power of water to make exercise fun and challenging.

What Makes Aqua Bag Training Better 

When we think about strength training, our mind tends to think about either dumbbells, barbells, or kettles. This equipment can be pretty intimidating for many of us at the gym, and we’ll think twice before getting it for our home workouts. We are here to introduce a new way to work on strength: aqua bag training. There are several benefits of using aqua bags for strength training:

aqua bag fitness


Build your Stability

During aqua bag training, the water in the aqua bag will move differently in every repetition, causing you to feel out of balance. In response, the stabilizing muscles in your body will engage in all the exercises you perform to bring you back to balance. “Aqua bag workouts engage your core like never before regardless of what exercise you are doing,” says Aileen Wong, certified Personal Training instructor, “and at the same time, you improve your balance for everyday life activities, reducing the risk of injury.”

Lightweight and Portable

If you’re looking to travel or train in the park or the beach, the FX aqua bag is perfect. It’s effortless to pack and weighs next to nothing; once you arrive at your desired destination, fill it with water, pump it up, and you’re ready to go!

Safe and Friendly

The Fluid X aqua bags are built with high-grade inflatable PVC that is 100% leakproof. It has two heavy-duty double-stitched neoprene handles for an excellent grip. When performing the exercises during aqua bag fitness, you don’t need to be worried about hitting yourself with hard metal or dropping it on your foot or denting your floor. The FX aqua bags feel soft and bouncy against your body, allowing you to train worry-free.

Adjustable Weight

A great perk of aqua bag training is that you can adjust the weight from 0 to 20 kg of your FX bag for an easier or more challenging workout scaled to your fitness level. The equipment adapts to your needs.

Improve Strength and Power

Aqua bag fitness thrives on power movements such as snatches, cleans, and swings because you are working with a live weight versus a deadweight, so the resistance is constantly changing. You can feel the water move and go with it or against it! Muscles and tendons must work tighter to stabilize the joints. With the water frequently moving around, it brings the element of unpredictability.

How to Train with Aqua Bags

Before you get started with your aqua bag training, make sure to set up your Fluid X properly.


To set up the bag: 

  1. Expose the push valve by unscrewing the main cap.
  2. Press the push valve to open the Aqua Bag (a higher protruding pin means the valve is closed).
  3. Add water to your desired level directly into the valve using your faucet or hose.
  4. Attach the pump nozzle by twisting it into the Aqua Bag valve (make sure it is closed before attaching the pump nozzle), then pump air into the Aqua Bag until it becomes firm.
  5. Once firm, unleash the pump nozzle by unscrewing and then screw the cap to keep the Aqua Bag push valve secure.
Or click here to check out the video.

Basic Exercises 

aqua bag fitness


When starting your journey in aqua bag fitness, you want to begin with simple natural movements that are part of daily life. A great example of this is the squat, which mimics the motion of sitting down, and the shoulder press, which models the movement of putting something on a shelf.

In aqua bag training, you can work with or against the movement of the water. A fun and easy exercise to work on your core is the FX Shake, which involves holding the Cube 7 while standing in front of you, bracing your core, and shaking it. Give it a try!

Advanced Exercises

More experienced users can include aqua bag fitness to improve balance and power to engage stabilizing muscles. Wong suggests, “Ice skaters, cleans, and snatches are great exercises that require a better handle on proper technique, and at the same time, you have more muscles engaged.”

Tips for Choosing the Right Weight

When deciding what weight to select during aqua bag training, we advise you to fill up your chosen FX equipment a third and test out that weight. From there, you can add more water if it is too easy or remove water if it is too challenging.

aqua bag fitness

Ideas for incorporating aqua bag training into your existing training routine

Some fun ways of adding aqua bag training into your existing workout are:

  1. FX Finisher: Finish strong with various exercises that include stability, core, and power. This will improve your endurance. Also, working on your stability will allow you to perform your strength exercises with more power.
  2. Include it as part of your superset. Pair up a barbell Chest Press with an FX Chest Press using the aqua bag. The same exercise performed with different equipment will work on other muscles. You can check for muscle imbalance and engage your core and stabilizing muscles.

Start on Your Aqua Bag Fitness Journey Today

No matter what kind of workouts you are into, from boxing to running or strength training to yoga, aqua bag training can bring your fitness to the next level. Compared to a deadweight, aqua bag fitness promotes less risk of injury and trains more muscle groups with any given exercise to balance the live weight. This re-creates real-life reactions and improves your balance. 

Start your aqua bag fitness today with FX! Get ready to fall in love with working out again with a fun and dynamic workout that leaves you sweaty and smiling. 

aqua bag fitness

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