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By Tiara Hoquee

The Coolest Kettlebells in 2023

What's the difference between a kettlebell and a dumbbell?

Our Picks for Coolest Kettlebells:
Best Cool Design  Primal Kettlebell by Onnit
Best for Soft Kettlebell  Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell
Best for Instability Training  Boba 13 by Fluid X
Best Chic Design  Kraba Kettlebell by FYSIK
Best Adjustable  Blowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell
Best Rubber Coated  TRX Kettlebell
Best Powder Coated  Kettlebell Kings
Best Budget  Kettle Gryp
Best Splurge  NOHRD Swing Bells
Best Performance Tracking  JaxJox Connect

How do I choose the best kettlebell for my home gym?

The coolest kettlebell

Kettlebells have constantly been increasing in popularity for a while now, to the point of having their classes and competitions to the creation of new and cool designs. How has this equipment that’s been around for about 350 years joined the cool kid's table now?


This piece of equipment looks slightly daunting and tends to be reserved for the strongest people in the room. Yet, it’s become more and more apparent that anyone can use and get tremendous benefits from a kettlebell workout.


What’s the difference between a kettlebell and a dumbbell?

One look at a kettlebell, and you can tell that the weight distribution is not spread evenly as in a dumbbell. It has an offset center of gravity which improves core strength as well as balance. It is also ideal for those cool kettlebell flows you see on Instagram. 


Among the great benefits of this fitness equipment is its high level of versatility as you can swing, press, push, and so many other movements. Among some of the benefits we can name of using kettlebells we can mention:

  • Hits the sweet spot. Getting the heart rate up to get that cardio in and the weight resistance makes it a strength workout. 
  • Train for life. Kettlebell workouts are functional training with their offset weight that improves stability and risk of injury to perform everyday activities better. Builds coordination and endurance. 
  • Workout body and mind. The flow of the kettlebell requires you to turn off the autopilot and be present to let the equipment move in the most efficient way possible.


Kettlebells are great for everyone and we are here to let you know what are the coolest kettlebells for your home gym! 

Our Picks for Coolest Kettlebells:

  • Best Cool Design → Primal Kettlebell by Onnit
  • Best for Soft Kettlebell  → Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell
  • Best for Instability Training  → Boba 13 by Fluid X
  • Best Splurge  → Kraba Kettlebell by FYSIK
  • Best Adjustable  → Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell
  • Best Rubber Coated  → TRX Kettlebell
  • Best Powder Coated  → Kettlebell Kings 
  • Best Budget  → Kettle Gryp 
  • Best with Tower  → NOHRD Swing Bells 
  • Best Performance Tracking  → JaxJox Connect


We are basing our ratings on, of couse, their coolness factor, which includes design and innovative features as well as functionality. Ideally, we are looking for a kettlebell that check all the boxes in our list. 

Best Cool DesignPrimal Kettlebell by Onnit 

coolest kettlebells


  • Creative design
  • Enlarged handles for enhanced grip
  • From 8 to 40 kg


The chimp makes you do kettlebell swings when you don’t want to do kettlebell swings.” 


“These are functional yet very cool kettlebells! They look good, are easy to use and the unique look gets more people wanting to use them.”


best kettlebells for home gym

The Primal Kettlebell by Onnit makes you want to get out of the couch and get on those swings thanks to its extremely cool and unique design and it’s just banging its chest asking to be crowned king of the best kettlebell for your home gym.


Best for Soft Kettlebell  → Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell


best kettlebells for beginners


  • Soft body to prevent damage and injury
  • Large handle for superior grip
  • Compact


“I like this style much better than solid metal, much easier on the flooring.”


“This is not the ideal shape for a kettlebell at all, the handle is too long. Not suitable for some exercises”


 best value kettlebells

If you’re injury or accident-prone this soft kettlebell is a good pick for you with its cushioning you don’t need to worry about hitting your head or the floor. While this feature is useful, it’s not necessarily cool. So, it didn’t rate that high in our coolness rating. 


Best for Instability Training Boba 13 by Fluid X

top rated kettlebells


  • Adjustable water weight
  • Great for instability training
  • Very portable 
  • Double handle for more variety 


“Perfect equipment for all kinds of workouts. Can use as Kettlebells or dumbells, full body exercises.” 

“Helps work on your core and the water momentum gives you much strength. You can bring this when you travel or at the beach. Very flexible.” 


 best kettlebell set for home gym

The Boba 13 looks so captivating with its sloshing water movement, plus the instability training really keeps you on your toes. There are so many reasons why this is one of the coolest kettlebells: portability, weight adjustment, and versatility. It comes with two handles so you can not only use it in many ways. Their manufacturers Fluid X have a YouTube channel where you can find a variety of workouts to choose from when you are short on ideas.

Best Chic Design  → Kraba Kettlebell by FYSIK


which are the best kettlebells to buy


  • Handcrafted kettlebell in black leather and silver-tone stainless steel.
  • Smooth pill-shaped teak handle at the top


“Eye-catching and looks great in the living room”

“For the price of this, I can purchase 8 kettlebells of the same weight, way overpriced”


what type of kettlebell should i buy

This piece of equipment is definitely one of the coolest kettlebells on the block. Its sleek design is easy on the eye, yet it comes at an extremely high cost. While this equipment looks pretty damn cool, it loses some points as the handle is bigger than the weight, and it loses functionality. We want cool looks with functional features as well. 


Best Adjustable  → Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell 

what type of kettlebell is best


  • Easy to adjust
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Compact and sleek


“These adjustable kettlebells are fantastic. Just what I need for a quick workout at home. The adjustability feature works smoothly and is easy to use.”

 “Very versatile and saves a bunch of space.”


what is the best kettlebell brand

If space is limited for you, this kettlebell can do the trick. It has six different weights to choose from, and you can adjust it in a matter of seconds. The weight range is excellent. Considering the plastic and all its moving parts, it's still a pretty sturdy and reliable kettlebell.  In our coolest kettlebell list, high marks on functionality but an average score on coolness. 

Best Rubber Coated  → TRX Kettlebell

what brand kettlebell should i buy


  • Gravity cast molding
  • Durable rubber coating
  • Sleek look
  • Color-coded weight rings


“Comfortable handle - well shaped for all movements.  I love the rubber coating as use my kettlebells indoors most of the time.”

 “Really like the size and shape of the handle.”


what are the best kettlebells to buy

If you’re into a more classic look and are still worried about your floor getting damaged during a workout. This kettlebell can get you through a session of HIIT, and thanks to its rubber coating, it won’t hurt your floors. This is a cool enough-looking number, with solid functionality. 


Best Powder Coated  → Kettlebell Kings

what are the best kettlebells


  • Powder Coating - The most durable form of kettlebell coating 
  • Strong Grip Handles
  • Lifetime Warranty



“It is comfortable and swings well. “

“The grip is especially great with chalk but also works great without chalk.”


best kettlebell sets for home

This kettlebell means business. It has that cool logo on the outside and comes with a powder coating that prevents chipping with use. The company ships really fast and in great packaging to ensure the kettlebell arrives promptly and safely to you. One thing to keep in mind is the grip is thicker than most so it’s not suitable for everyone. Simple, yet cool, but we are lacking in the innovation department. 

Best Budget  → Kettle Gryp

best kettlebells for home gym


  • Turns dumbbells into kettlebells in a snap
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable sure grip


“Works great. The plastic is sturdy and I don’t think it’d break.”

“Limited for some exercises but works well. A kettlebell is much better but cautiously recommended”


best kettlebells for beginners

Though this technically doesn’t count as a kettlebell all on its own, you have to give them an A+ on creativity. If you have dumbbells lying around and don’t want to spend the extra buck to get a kettlebell, don’t look any further for the Kettle Gryp transforms your dumbbell into a kettle - albeit with a few limitations. Very innovative, yet not so functional or cool. 

Best Splurge  → NOHRD Swing Bells

best value kettlebells


  • A blend of luxury and functionality
  • Handles made of solid wood
  • Beautiful storage tower 


“Extra challenge and stimulation- to each move, as the pellets shift in the leather pouch.”


“As beautiful, as it is expensive”


top rated kettlebells

This beautiful tower of swing bells makes the coolest kettlebell list thanks to its gorgeous design. It holds up as a piece of furniture in your living with how attractive it is. It comes with a variety of weights and can get you working on all swinging movements. Beautiful looking, and pretty innovative, the weight selection is too light thought.

Best Performance Tracking  → JaxJox Connect

best kettlebell set for home gym


  • Real-time performance tracking 
  • Adjust in seconds from 5 to 19 kg
  • Compact, sleek and ergonomic



“Real-time tracking of my exercise sessions and easy-to-use display screen for adjusting the weight strength in seconds.”


“This kettlebell is really cool, and its high-tech”



 which kettlebells are the best

What’s cooler than tracking your workout, without having to track your workout, the JaxJox Connect does exactly that. It counts every rep, weight, and set and all you have to do is connect your phone to the kettlebell through Bluetooth. Very innovative, solid marks on functionality and coolness.


How do I choose the best kettlebell for my home gym?

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing what is the best kettlebell for your home gym:

  • Materials. Depending on where you will be working out with your kettlebell, you want to make sure it is made of materials that are soft like the Boba 13 or Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell.
  • Weight. Keep in mind what weights you would like to work on. People who are at the beginning of their kettlebell journey can start around 6-8 kg and work their way up. 
  • Price. There is a range of prices in the list to accommodate all kinds of budgets. All the options can get you a solid workout. 
  • Space. Consider adjustable options like the Bowflex or Boba 13, if space is limited for you.
  • User guidance. Some of the options on the list come with user guidance such as demands workouts or YouTube channels that offer a variety of workout videos to follow along. 

The best way to know what is best for you is to get out there and try different weights and styles. As always, be mindful of keeping proper form and learning how to use the equipment safely. 

The coolest kettlebell

The coolness factor will really be brought by you once you pick one of these kettlebells and start to experience the numerous benefits of kettlebell workouts and what exercise can do to help improve your body and mind. 


Having the coolest kettlebells as part of your home gym is a great way to motivate yourself to get more workouts in, as our brain is wired to do the things we find attractive. It is a fun and effective way to mix up your workout.

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