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By Tiara Hoquee

Water Bag Workout: Benefits, Choosing the Right One, and Exercises

What are water bag workouts?
How to Choose a Water Bag
Water Bag Workout Basics
Advanced Water Bag Workouts
Wrapping Up


What are water bag workouts?

Water bags are water-filled weights that are a great way to exercise because the water inside keeps flowing and moving, making you engage your stabilizing muscles. Not only this but also water bag workouts are a form of functional training that improves your body’s ability to perform everyday functions better.

There are numerous benefits to using a water bag for working out, including:

    • Improved Strength and Endurance. Our ability to lift heavy weights is limited by how good our form is. Water bags are great for improving form and technique. They point out imbalances so we can correct them. 
    • Increased Stability and Coordination. Since water bags are a live weight, referring to the constant motion of the water, our core gets a workout in every exercise we perform, improving our balance and coordination as it recruits more muscles to help us stabilize the water. 
    • Perform Functional Movements. Working out with a water bag simulates real-life training, as when we carry groceries, luggage, or our children, they are constantly moving. Also, Fluid X training is based on functional movements, which are compound resulting in an individual being able to perform daily activities with greater ease.

Water bags come in different shapes. Here will explore how to choose the right water bag for you and some workouts for beginner and advanced users. 

How to Choose a Water Bag

water bag fitness

Currently, Fluid X, a water bag manufacturer, and seller, counts with four different models of water bags:


workout water bag

Now that we know all the options available, we can consider the best option for you. 

We want to keep in consideration what is your fitness level and what are your goals. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I a beginner level or intermediate/advanced?
  • Am I focusing on cardio or strength? Or both?
  • Do I like using more kettlebells or barbells?

You can select the right water bag based on the answers to these questions. Beginners are recommended to start with either Cube 7 or Tank 15, as they are lighter. Where intermediate or advanced levels can go for the Boba 13 or Tank 20

If you want to work on your strength, we suggest going for heavier equipment, allowing you to add more water as you level up. The Boba 13 is an excellent option for cardio because you can do anything from ice skaters to kettle swings to get that heart rate up.

Regarding the shape of the water bag, if you’re looking for something similar to a barbell for squats and lunges, the Tanks are the best options. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a kettlebell or medicine ball, the Cube 7 and Boba 13 are the way to go. 

One last thing to keep in mind is the options on the handles. The Cube 7 and the Boba 13 come with two handles on the side of the water bag. 

When doing a water bag workout, you can hold the following:

  • One handle on each hand 
  • Two hands on one handle
  • Hold the water bag itself with a hand on either side

With Tank 15 and Tank 20, the options for handles are:

  • The internal handles
  • The external handles

The different handles are great for giving more options for comfort and endless possibilities for other exercises to be performed in water bag workouts. 

Water Bag Workout Basics

Before you get started with your water bag training, make sure to set up your Fluid X properly.

To set up the bag:  

  1. Expose the push valve by unscrewing the main cap.
  2. Press the push valve to open the Aqua Bag (a higher protruding pin means the valve is closed).
  3. Add water to your desired level directly into the valve using your faucet or hose.
  4. Attach the pump nozzle by twisting it into the Aqua Bag valve (make sure it is closed before attaching the pump nozzle), then pump air into the Aqua Bag until it becomes firm.
  5. Once firm, unscrew the pump nozzle and screw the cap to secure the Aqua Bag push valve.

 Or click here to check out the video.


Basic Exercises 

When starting your journey in water bag fitness, you want to begin with simple natural movements that are part of daily life. A great example is the back squat, which mimics the motion of sitting down, and the shoulder press, which models the movement of putting something on a shelf. 

Back Squat

water bag weight training water weight workout bag 


  1. Place the aqua bag behind your head. Holding securely. You can choose between internal or external handles.
  2. Keep feet flat on the floor and a straight back. 
  3. Squat down as if sitting down on a chair. 
  4. Avoid leaning forward too much. 
  5. Keep the chin and chest up. 

Shoulder Press

water weight workout bag water filled workout bag 


  1. Hold the FX Boba in front of your chest, elbows bent. 
  2. Keep your chest up and your core braced, and look straightforward throughout the move.
  3. Press the FX Boba directly upwards until your arms are straight and the weights touch above your head. 
  4. Slowly lower the weights to the start position under control, pause, and start the next rep.

For an easier variation, use the FX Cube with a lighter weight.

Advanced Water Bag Workouts

Tricep Extension

water filled exercise bag water bags workout 


  1. Lift the water bag directly overhead. 
  2. Extend both arms fully and lower the water bag behind your head by bending the elbows. 
  3. Once you reach a 90-degree bend, bring the water bag back up to the starting position. Place your hand on the Tank, stacking your shoulders over your wrists. 

Plank on Water Bag

water bag gym


  1. Place your hand on the Tank, stacking your shoulders over your wrists. 
  2. Extend your legs outward, engage your core, and lift your body up into a high-plank position.

Doing a plank on an unstable surface, like the water bag, will add a significant challenge to engaging your core and stabilizing muscles even more. 

Overhead Press Squat

water bag for working out


  1. Hold the Tank by the internal handles and hold it in an overhead position. 
  2. Squat down as if sitting on a chair while maintaining control and stability. Hold the Tank in the overhead position as you squat down. 
  3. Press through the whole foot to come back to a standing position. 

This exercise really tests your balance as the water in the water bag will shift from side to side. You can easily see any muscle imbalances as you perform the exercise. 

To play around with the difficulty of these exercises, you can always add more water for a more significant challenge or remove water to make it easier. 

Wrapping Up

There are several reasons why water bags for working out are great:

  1. Portability. They are easy to empty, fold and pack to take to the park, beach, or even a work trip. 
  2. Adjustable Weight. When you are ready for a more significant challenge, add more water—no need to buy another piece of equipment. 
  3. Safe and Friendly. Water bags are great because of their soft, flexible nature. If you hit yourself or drop it, it just bounces off.  
  4. Versatility. Depending on the weight, you can use your water bag for:
    1. strength workout (heavier weight)
    2. cardio, functional, and HIIT training (medium to lightweight)
    3. agility and rehab (lightweight)
  5. Train you to Move Better. When performing exercises, the water sloshes to one side if we are compensating or overusing our left or right side, giving us immediate feedback. Too much water movement is also a great reminder to brace our core more to stabilize the movement. 

Some safety precautions to remember when using a water bag:

  • Keep a secure grip.
  • Engage your core at all times.
  • Avoid friction when holding the water bag. 

Water bag workouts are great to include in your existing routine as accessory exercises to activate our stabilizing muscles and improve our form during our weight-lifting routine. They are also a great way to work on strength and cardio all at the same time. Like in the video below, you could solely do a full-body workout using water bags.

Take a minute to figure out the proper water bag for you, and try these exercises! 

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