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Boost Your Boxing Performance with Fluid X Aqua Bags



Fluid X aqua bags are a dynamic, functional way to combine strength, stamina, coordination, and stability exercises into your workout routine. With our Fluid X aqua bags, you have unlimited workout possibilities.

More and more coaches and athletes are turning to Fluid X for instability training. Boxing Coach Man C Burger from Warrior Hong Kong uses FX equipment as a fun alternative to pads on specific drills and an excellent strength and stability training complement. 


The FX Boba 13 can be used for boxing drills to practice straight and upper-cut punches. The Tank 15 is also an excellent option for straights and hooks. When using our FX equipment, the person who punches and the person who holds the equipment both get a workout. 

On another note for the kickboxer’s out there, we have a workout on our YouTube channel with Personal Trainer Jenny, where she uses both the Boba 13 and Tank 15 for a full-body workout. 



Good balance and stability are a must for every boxer. The ability to move, pivot and throw punches while remaining steady on your feet makes the difference. This is why working out with FX products will really create an improvement in your performance. 



Movements such as Power Shoulder Press Out will increase your strength by working the primary muscles: shoulders, arms, and chest. Since the Boba 13 is a live weight, while you work the primary muscles, your body recruits your stabilizer muscles, especially the core and small muscles around the knees, to keep your body stable. 

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