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aqua weight bag

An Aqua weight bag is an exercise tool used for resistance training, balance training, and functional training in water. It is a durable bag that can be filled with water to create resistance, similar to other water weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells. 

An aqua bag weight of water workout bags are great for traveling.  All you need is water to get it set up.  The Aqua weight bag is designed to be used with different movements, providing a dynamic and challenging workout that engages multiple muscle groups. Its buoyancy and instability require the user to engage their core and stabilizing muscles in order to maintain balance and control during movements.

Aqua weight bags come in different sizes and weights, ranging from small bags weighing a few pounds to larger bags weighing up to 20KGs. They're often used in home gyms, physiotherapists clinics and outdoor.  

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