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By Tiara Hoquee

Seated Kettlebell Press

Seated Kettlebell Press: Video, Guide & Tips

seated kettlebell press

What is a seated kettlebell press?

The seated kettlebell press is a functional exercise that builds strength in the upper body, particularly the shoulders. 

When performing a press with a kettlebell or the Boba 13 from Fluid X, a water-filled weight, an extra challenge is added by the moving water activating your stabilizing muscles in the core to keep your stability. 

Seated vs. Standing

Standing presses are steadier, and they allow you to have a higher weight. On the other hand, seated presses need more core strength and mobility in the lower body.

Benefits of Seated Kettlebell Press

  • A bigger challenge for your core muscles
  • Trains shoulders through a full range of motion
  • Strengthens muscles we use on a daily basis

Getting ready for a Seated KettlebeII Press

Some things to keep in consideration before you get started with performing a seated kettlebell press:

  1. Choose a weight that is appropriate for your fitness level. It’s always better to start lighter and move on to heavier if you need a bigger challenge, especially if you are performing an exercise for the first time. 
  2. Make sure you have a stable, flat surface to perform the exercise. Since the nature of the exercise requires you to be seated, it’s important the surface is flat and stable to avoid compensation. 
  3. Sit on the edge of a bench or chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Other variations include sitting directly on the floor with the legs extended forward in a V position. 
  4. Hold the kettlebell with your left hand first, with your palms facing away from your body. Make sure you have a secure grip. 

How to: Seated Kettlebell Press

  1. Take a deep breath in and engage your core.
  2. Exhale as you press the kettlebell straight up above your head.
  3. Keep your elbows close to your body and your wrists straight.
  4. Lower the kettlebell back down to starting position, keeping control of the weight.
  5. After finishing your reps, switch to the other arm. 

Why a water-filled kettlebell is best

seated kettlebell press

Water-filled kettlebells are best when doing a seated kettlebell press because they provide additional resistance for a more challenging workout. As you perform the exercise, the water will sway from side to side, recruiting your stabilizing muscles to step in and keep your balance. 

Another great feature of the water-filled kettlebell is that it can be adjusted to different weights by adding or removing water. This means you can save more money since you don’t have to purchase additional equipment once you're ready for a bigger challenge. 

Not only this, water-filled kettlebells are extremely portable whenever you want to take your workout to the beach or the park, they easily come with you. 

Wrap Up

The single-arm seated kettlebell press is a unique exercise as using an offset weight creates an added challenge where you must ask your muscles to work harder to press the weight up. 

It’s a great upper body exercise that works the deltoids, rotator cuffs, upper pecs, upper back, triceps, and core. Single-handed exercises result in higher activation of the core to keep the body balanced. 

Doing the exercise in a seated position also increases the challenge, as you can’t ask your legs for help.

Using a water-filled kettlebell is taking this exercise and adding an extra element of challenge and versatility. 

As always, remember to use the proper form to avoid injury and start with a weight that is appropriate for your fitness level.

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