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By Tiara Hoquee

Personal Training Gear

Tired of lugging around heavy equipment for your personal training sessions? It can be tough having to bring around different types of gear for your clients. Being a personal trainer, each client will have different goals and therefore, require different equipment to reach those goals. 


A Fluid X Aqua Bag can solve these problems. They have a range of benefits that include: 

  • Adjustability. The bags can be adjusted to whichever weight is most suitable for your client. 
  • Comfort. Our woven, double-stitched handles provide a firm grip allowing the user to confidently carry out the exercises. 
  • Safety. Made of high-grade inflatable PVC plastic, users don’t need to worry about injuring themselves if they dropped the aqua bag on them. 
  • Portability. Empty and folded up, they can be carried in a backpack taking up minimal space. 


Adding a Fluid X Aqua Bag to your personal training gear takes the stress off having to bring equipment specifically for one exercise. Another key characteristic of our products is its versatility. It offers a range of movements and exercises that target all muscle groups. 


For example… 


With the Fluid X Tank 15 or Tank 20 you can perform: 


  • Bent Over Rows 
    • Targeting the back and core stability 
      Personal Training Gear


  • Chest Press 
    • Targeting chest and triceps

      Personal Training Equipment



With the Fluid X Boba 13 you can perform: 

  • Snatches 
    • Improves power utilization, core stability, speed, and agility.

      Personal training equipment



  • Swings
    • Improve hip mobility, targets glutes and strengthens the posterior chain. 
    • Can be performed either single-handed or double-handed.

      Personal training equipment




Overall, Fluid X Aqua Bags are a great piece of personal training gear to have. The more you use it, the more possibilities you will discover with it! 


If you are keen to learn more about the best exercises for targeting certain muscle groups as well as the three water modalities our bags have to offer, sing up for our FLUID X FOUNDATION COURSE. It is approved by NASM/AFAA, worth 0.7 CEUs and upon completion, will certify you to be an official Fluid X Trainer!

 The next courses will be held:

  • In Hong Kong on Sunday, April 21 9am-6pm. Click here for more info.
  • Personal training gear



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