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By Tiara Hoquee

Improving your Balance: Stabilization Endurance Exercises

Instability Training: Stabilization Endurance Exercises

When you build a house, anyone will tell you the most important part is creating a strong foundation. Without it, it won’t matter how well-made the house is; it would be impossible to build up if the base isn’t strong. Furthermore, you will encounter many limitations on how much you can do without a trusty foundation.  


In the exercise universe, working on our stabilization endurance is the equivalent of laying that strong foundation when training our bodies. 

What are stabilization endurance exercises? 

Stabilization endurance training uses high repetitions and engages in activities are challenging an exerciser's balance. The NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) bases its Optimum Performance Training model on stabilization endurance. 
stabilization endurance training 



In this type of training, we don’t work with heavy weights. We focus on light to medium weights that encourage correct form and technique. This kind of exercise promotes coordination, posture, and strength. 


Stabilization endurance training includes core, balance, and resistance exercises. There is little to no rest between exercises which makes it ideal for getting the heart pumping and achieving a good sweat. 


It is of optimal importance to include stabilization endurance exercises into your workout routine as the improved balance can translate to:

  • Reduced risk of injury - in the gym and in real life
  • Better form - which leads to lifting heavier weights and more power
  • Improved cardio 

Water-filled weights for stabilization endurance exercises

In the past, there have been several ways to work on stabilization endurance training. It usually involves single-arm or single-leg exercises and stability equipment such as the stability ball and the Bosu® Balance trainer. 


We are here to introduce you to a new and revolutionary way to work on stabilization endurance: water filled weights or aqua bags. 


So, why would you choose aqua bags for your stabilization endurance training?

stabilization endurance exercises


Water-filled weights or aqua bags can be used for various exercises, including upper body, lower body, and core exercises. They can also be used for both strength training and cardiovascular endurance training.


Not only that, but also you can work with the water in different ways. You can do exercises where you move with the water, engaging in a flow. On the other hand, you can work against the water, where you are actively resisting it. This will get your heart rate way up and leave you breathless- in a good way. 



Since we are working with a live weight vs. a dead weight, every repetition will be different than the next, keeping you on your toes. This is an invigorating challenge for your stability and coordination. Every exercise you perform demands your attention to bring your stabilizing muscles into action. 


One of the great perks of water-filled weights is that they can be easily adjusted by adding or removing water to change the weight of the equipment. This allows the equipment to adjust to you without having to purchase additional equipment. 

stabilization endurance training

Ease of Use

Water-filled weights are easy to set up and use. During exercise, they are easy to grip and comfortable to hold. They are a great option for beginners because you can perform the exercises with little water to get used to the movement and add more water when ready.


One of my favorite things about water-filled weights is how safe they are in more ways than one. For starters, if I drop them, I don’t need to be worried about my foot or the floor. 


Thanks to their soft and bouncy nature, they feel comfortable against my body when I place them behind my head or on my shoulders. When doing kettle swings, I feel more confident using power without worrying about hitting a knee. 


Stabilization Endurance Exercises

We’ll introduce you to a few different stabilization endurance exercises you can incorporate into your training. We will use the water-filled weights or aqua bags from Fluid X, which are aqua bag manufacturers based in Hong Kong. Their brand features two shapes cylindric (Tank) and spheric (Boba and Cube). 

Lunges with water-filled weights

  1. Hold the Tank with the outer handle grip or on the Tank 15
  2. Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  3. Step forward longer than a walking stride so one leg is ahead of your torso and the other is behind. Your foot should land flat and remain flat on the ground. Your rear heel will rise off of the ground. Simultaneously, shift the Tank to the side of your leg left behind. 
  4. Bend your knees to approximately 90 degrees as you lower yourself. Remember to keep your trunk upright and core engaged. 
  5. Then, forcefully push off from your front leg to return to the starting position. Alternate to the other side.
stabilization endurance exercises 

    The movement of the Tank to each side as you alternate adds an upper body workout to the classic lunge and, at the same time, forces you out of balance as you swing it asking your core muscles to engage more to keep your stability, making this one killer stabilization endurance exercise. 

    Squats with water-filled weights

    stabilization endurance training

     1. Hold the Boba 13 with one hand on each side.

    2. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Your spine should be neutral, shoulders back and down, and your chest open and tall. Make sure you keep your heels down and planted throughout the entire move.

    3. Bend knees to lower down as if sitting on a chair. Hold Boba in front of you at chest height.

    4. Press through heels to stand back up to the starting position.

    A great move to add to your stabilization endurance training. Holding the Boba in front of you adds an element of instability to a classic exercise.



    Planks with water-filled weights

    stabilization endurance exercises

     1. Place the Tank near the top of the mat.

    2. Plant hands directly under the shoulders on top of the Tank.

    3. Ground your toes into the mat, and tighten your core and glutes to stabilize your body.

    4. Set your neck in a neutral position. Your head should be in line with your back.

    5. Hold the position for about 30 - 60 seconds. 


    The plank on the Tank makes it especially challenging as it is an unstable surface. It is a great stabilization endurance exercise. 

    Side planks with water-filled weights

    stabilization endurance training  
    Try this exercise for an advanced stabilization endurance exercise. Remember, as your balance and form improve, you can continue to push yourself step by step out of your comfort zone to achieve greater gains.



    1. Engage your core.
    2. Lift your hips and knees from the mat while exhaling. Your torso is straight in line with no sagging or bending. 
    3. Lift the top arm while holding the Cube 7. For an extra challenge, lift the top leg and  transfer the Cube from your hand to your foot. 
    4. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds and release. Change sides and repeat.

    Tips for stabilization endurance routine

    When starting stabilization endurance training, remember to start with a lower weight. As you gain confidence and get more comfortable with the movements and form, then progress to heavier weight. 


    The main goal of stabilization endurance exercises is to develop the correct technique and form to really get all the benefits of each exercise and later be able to increase the load without risk of injury. 


    With the equipment from Fluid X, with one aqua bag, you get unlimited possibilities. A whole world of exercises has been unlocked from working with different muscle groups to different water movements. The variations are endless. 

    The balanced way: The strongest foundation

    Using water filled weights for stabilization endurance exercises can help us correct our muscle imbalance by receiving immediate feedback as we see the water sloshing to one side. We are constantly reminded to engage our core stabilizing muscles more when we feel ourselves wobble. 


    We have the unique advantage of further pushing our stabilization endurance training by working against the water and getting our cardio in. The more we train, the more we can see improvement to build that strong foundation that will set us up for success in our fitness journey,  

    Get your Fluid X aqua bags now and give these exercises a try to be able to see the benefits for yourself!

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