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By Winnie Cheung

Best Workout Equipment for Women

Top 5 Workout Equipment for Women in 2023

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Top 5 Home Exercise Equipment for Women

Choosing the Right Equipment for your Needs

The Best Investment is You!


We all know what a great motivator it is to get ourselves something new. That new daily planner to organize ourselves, or that juicer to get all our fruit and veggies servings. In that same way getting the right home workout equipment can set you up for success.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

For 2019, 59% of people said exercising more was their year's top resolution. This is because we all know how important, regular exercise can be for women’s physical and mental health.

There is a multitude of benefits to having a consistent workout routine; here we name a few:

  • Immediate improvement in brain health, as well as reducing the risk of depression and anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced health risks
  • Strengthen muscles and bones
  • Increase longevity
  • Boosts energy

We are all looking to start the year right. To make our new habits and lifestyle changes stick, we want to make things as easy for ourselves as possible to follow through with our commitments.

That’s why getting home workout equipment for women can help us be consistent since it’s easier to get in a quick workout without having to leave the house. We’re here to help you figure out what essentials exercise equipment you need for women.

Top 5 Home Exercise Equipment for Women

When looking for the best home workout equipment for women, we want the right tools that match our exercise goals. We asked Aileen Wong, Director of Fitness at Fluid X and certified PT, about the must-haves for a home gym for women. “For women’s workout equipment, you want adaptable and key equipment that can cover strength and cardio,” Wong recommends.

  1.       Resistance Bands
home workout equipment for women exercise equipment for women 

They are affordable and portable, taking up little space. As exercise equipment, they are versatile in how you use them. For starters, they can be used as a tool for warm-ups and stretching to get our muscles ready for the workout. They can work the lower and upper body during your routine, even your core. They are especially great for focusing on the glutes and legs, which are a target for women’s workout routines. We recommend the Renoj Resistance Bands.

  1. Aqua Bags


woman gym equipment 

An aqua bag is a semi-solid, flexible container filled with water with handles. Fluid X has a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Unlike a dumbbell or kettlebell, the aqua bag works as a live weight where the water constantly shifts, engaging your stabilizing muscles and adding a fun challenge to all your workouts. The bonus of this piece of equipment is that its bouncy body makes exercises very safe, and it goes easy on your floors. We recommend the FX Boba 13.

  1.       Adjustable Dumbbells


home gym for women best workout equipment for women 

Strength training is essential to overall good body health. Many women shy away from weights because they are scared of building muscles. Yet, strength training has numerous benefits, such as improved fat loss and support weight management without adding bulk. A pair of adjustable dumbbells is a great place to start. We recommend the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.

  1.       Yoga Mat
best women's exercise equipment best home workout equipment for women 

A yoga mat comes in handy when performing core exercises, yoga, pilates, or bodyweight exercises like lunges. If we do these exercises on the floor, we can hurt our knees or back, preventing us from continuing to work out. We recommend the FX Yoga Mat to keep things smooth.


  1.       Foam Roller

womens at home workout equipment women's home exercise equipment 

Stretching and foam rolling are important parts of recovery. When we take the time to take care of our body, our body returns the favor by experimenting with less soreness, more flexibility, and better performance. We consider it an important element of a women’s home gym. We recommend the TriggerPoint Rush Foam Roller. 

Choosing the Right Equipment for your Needs

When selecting the best workout equipment for your home gym, you must keep in mind what are the fitness goals that you want to achieve. Are you looking to improve your cardio? Then the resistance bands and aqua bag are your top choices.  Do you want to become stronger? The adjustable dumbbells and the aqua bag must be a part of your home gym. 

Other elements to consider when choosing the right equipment for your home gym are your available space and budget. 

best home gym equipment for women

If we had to pick one piece of equipment for our home gym workout, we would be inclined to go for the aqua bag. Including aqua bags in your training can infuse variety and functionality that keeps you motivated, build up your strength, and reduces your risk of injury by performing movements that are part of your daily life. The ability to adjust the weight also allows the equipment to grow with you; add more water when ready for a bigger challenge. 

If you’re unsure about what exercises to do, aqua bag company, The Fluid X has a YouTube channel with lots of different workouts for you to choose from. 

They are fun and dynamic, don’t take up much space, and can be used for many different workouts for women. 

The best investment is you! 

We quickly spend money on the latest technology gadgets, weekend brunches, and wonderful new outfits. Those are all valid ways to spend our hard earned money. However, spending money on equipment for our home gym is an investment in ourselves and our physical and emotional well-being. 


Creating a safe space to work out will motivate you further to take care of yourself. When creating new habits, there are three things we are looking for:

  • Reminder
  • Routine
  • Reward

When you buy equipment for your home gym, they help with all the above! New equipment in your house will remind you to work out. Having this space at home is easier to build into your routine. Just swinging your Boba 13 for 15 min a day can make a big difference. Finally, the reward is the knowledge you invested in yourself!

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