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Try Aqua Bags for the Ultimate Core Workouts at Home

Bored of the same old home workout? Pick up an aqua bag, the only gear you need for a fun, full-body workout. Find out how instability training is insanely effective at training your core, plus get fresh inspo to spice up your at-home core workouts. 

Are aqua bags the hottest workout gear of 2022? Introducing the Fluid X: weight-adjustable water-filled training bags that you can fill up to 20KG but packs into your gym bag, making it perfect for small spaces, on-the-go workouts, or traveling. Because of the unstable water weight, even just picking up an aqua bag engages your core without trying!

The Fluid X is one of the first aqua bags on the market to introduce the Boba: a ball-shaped aqua bag with comfortable handles designed for the casual yogi or beginning lifters. Swing it like a kettlebell, toss to your workout partner, or even dance with flowing steps. For a tougher workout, you can pick up the Tank 15 or Tank 20 to replace your clunky home barbells and plates.  

Why an Aqua Bag? The Science of Instability Training 

The flowing motion of the water inside the Fluid X aqua bag challenges your coordination and core stability one wobble at a time. The less water in the bag, the more room for the water to move around, and the harder your muscles will have to work to maintain body coordination and core stability.

Because aqua bags train instability, evidence shows that this form of training improves physical rehabilitation and maximizes athlete performance, making it great for people at all levels of fitness. 

Unlike traditional weights, the constantly shifting water in the bag mimics the instability in sports such as rugby, judo and tennis. This allows aqua bags to isolate and target muscle groups that are normally hard to tackle in standard weight training.

Plus, aqua bags are perfect for gradual muscle gains. Fluid X aqua bags come in 4 sizes and weigh up to 20, 15, 13 and 7 kg when fully filled up. You can adjust the weight according to the amount of water in the bag. This versatility allows you to gradually add weight as you progress, or switch from an easy set to a more challenging workout in just minutes!

As soon as you pick up an aqua bag, you are instinctively forced to engage your core muscles to balance the constantly shifting weight. With aqua bags, there’s no excuse not to get the body you want.

Aqua bag workouts are crazy effective

Because water is always in motion, your body has to control the movement and achieve balance. This works your body in a number of ways that other weights and workouts don’t. The near constant balancing act trains an ultra strong core and forces you to balance. 

Most workout programs only focus on working the large outer muscles you can see, like biceps or quads. But don’t forget your stabilizer muscles: the tiny fibers that boost your workout performance, guard you against injury, support joints, and keep you standing tall. 

Aqua bags work these stabilizer muscles naturally so that not only you get crazy effective workouts, but also protect yourself from injury. Speaking of injury, aqua bags have even been used for physical rehabilitation to correct injury-causing movement patterns.


How do you exercise with an aqua bag? It's easy.

If you can lift two bags of groceries, you can workout with an aqua bag—and get all the benefits of an all body gym workout from the comfort of your living room. These bags can also be used to enhance a yoga flow, barre exercise or dance class. 

Let’s start with some low-impact aqua bag warmups:


Puppy pose variation (Uttana Shishosana)

A shoulder stretch to open your chest and relieve tension in your shoulders.

1) Fill up your aqua bag and place it on the floor.
2) Kneel down at shoulder width, lift your arms and place your elbows on your aqua bag.
3) Push your chest down towards the ground as you stretch your triceps, shoulders and upper back.
4) If you are flexible enough, you could touch the ground with your neck in this stretch. Remain in this pose for 2 minutes.

Fish pose (Matsyasana)

1) Place your aqua bag on the floor and carefully lean back. The aqua bag should sit below your shoulder blades.
2) Relax your shoulders and let your chest open as you focus on your breathing. Hold for 2 minutes.

You could also do jumping jacks and standing Russian twists with a partially-filled aqua bag to further warm your body up.

For more warm-up exercises, check out this FX-warmup, or this full-body yoga sequence.


Getting a rock hard core

Now, let’s get down to the core business: try these strengthening workouts to up your game at home. 

High plank

  1. Fill up your aqua bag and place it on the floor. 
  2. Get into the high plank position with your knees about hip-width apart and your hands at shoulder width. If you’re using a Fluid X aqua bag, there are two heavy-duty, double-stitched neoprene handles to guide your hand positions.
  3. Lift your knees off the ground, step your feet back until your legs are fully extended, and keep your back, core and glutes engaged. 
  4. The water sloshing around in the aqua bag should challenge your core stability. For beginners, try to hold for 30 seconds as you gaze at the floor.




Squats are a great way to improve joint mobility and strengthen our core, back, glutes and quads. To begin, fill up your aqua bag and hold it in both hands. Stand with your feet at hip-width, squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds, keeping the water level and steady, before slowly standing up, repeat for 1 minute.




  1. This last exercise is easier than the ones before, but still a killer for your abs. Start by standing with your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart. 
  2. Place your aqua bag on the ground parallel to your feet. 
  3. Bend down to pick up the aqua bag, keeping your knees bent, not locked. 
  4. Come up as you lift the aqua bag to your knees, shoulders-squared and chest-forward. Slowly bend back down and place the bag on the ground. 
  5. Repeat this for at least 15 repetitions in a set. Complete 3 sets.


Get your own aqua bag trainer


Each Fluid X product comes with a Quick Start Guide to help you get moving right away. In addition, FX has a library of innovative workouts that are designed to support you in starting wherever you are, and help you get the most out of your aqua bag.

If you’d like to get personalized aqua bag training plans, Fluid X can connect you to their FX personal trainers on TodayFit where you will get direct, private access to your Personal Trainer through the app’s chat service. 


Say goodbye to boring workouts and repetitive weight training

Forget about running on the treadmill or boring static weights. Fire up and strengthen your core effortlessly with aqua bags this summer. Get the Fluid X today to feel fun, young, energetic and get the body you want.

Want to change up your workout environment? Drain your aqua bag, pack it, and take it to the rooftop, to the park, or to the beach. Aqua bags are designed to blend into your vibrant life, so you can even bring them along on your business trip or holiday. Add a few drops of FX Color to your FX aqua bag as you fill it up and instantly transform your workout into a totally sassy and Instagrammable affair.

Whether you’re a casual yogi or a virtuoso gymnast, the aqua bag is a fun and effective workout for everyone, and a must-have investment for your home gym. 

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