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By Tiara Hoquee

Yoga Kettlebell: Strength & Flexibility

yoga kettlebell

In the fitness world, we always look for ways to spice things up and bring them to the next level. Repetitive workouts are a great way to keep track of our progress, yet at the same time, they can quickly become boring, which can get in the way of us being excited about workouts.

We want to keep our workout attractive, so there is more of a motivational force for us to keep up with our fitness routines. Adding new and different equipment to our current workouts is a great way to add variety and new challenges. That’s why we are here to introduce kettlebell yoga

What is kettlebell yoga?

yoga kettlebell

Kettlebell yoga combines Russian strength training with a cast iron steel ball and traditional vinyasa sequences.*

One of the beauties of incorporating these two disciplines together is that you get to work on your flexibility as well as your strength at the same time. 

There are a few similarities between yoga and kettlebell workouts. For starters, kettlebell workouts include a lot of flow movements where we connect seemingly disconnected exercises into a string of movements. This is similar to yoga, where the word flow is commonly used in different practices. 

These disciplines invoke a strong mind and body connection where we become more aware of our movements to create the flow we mentioned earlier. Kettlebell yoga is a mix of yin and yang, two seemingly unrelated workouts blending together. 

Practicing kettlebell yoga can boost flexibility, strength, and stability in less time.

What kettlebell to use in kettlebell yoga?

There are a variety of kettlebells that can be used in kettlebell yoga some of them include:

For more information on what are some of the best kettlebells out there, you can read our article on Coolest Kettlebells

When starting with kettlebell yoga, one of our favorite options is the Cube 7 and Boba 13 from  Fluid X. It is a water-filled kettlebell that allows us to explore the different flows without worrying about hitting ourselves with it. 

Some of the benefits we can mention about doing kettlebell yoga with water filled kettlebell are:

  • Adjustable water weight. The equipment grows with you. 
  • It challenges your balance and stability. You’re working with “live” weight, the moving water. 
  • Double handle. Increases the variety and amount of exercises you can perform. 
  • Extremely portable. Just empty the water and take it with you anywhere.

Final Thoughts Before Getting Started with Kettlebell Yoga

yoga kettlebell

As we have mentioned before, combining these two practices can create a very comprehensive training where you work on many different aspects of your fitness. 

Once you have your equipment, remember that it is vital to have a lot of awareness around good posture and correct breathing techniques when performing kettlebell yoga exercises. 

Enjoy your kettlebell yoga practice!



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