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By Tiara Hoquee

Outdoor Workout: The Best Equipment

The Great Outdoor Workout: The Best Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults

outdoor fitness equipment for adults

With the summer months just around the corner, what better way to enjoy nature's fresh air and scents than getting a workout outdoors? With an infinite list of places to choose from, which includes beaches, parks, and hikes. The world is your Instagrammable playground.


When we think about outdoor fitness equipment for adults, there are a few things we want to keep in mind:

  • Portability. Going outdoors means we will be on the move, and we want our outdoor fitness equipment to be light and take up little space.
  • Flexibility. In this aspect, we want to be able to do various types of exercises and movements with the equipment we select. 
  • Fitness goals. Whether your focus is strength, cardio, or mobility, you want the right outdoor fitness equipment that matches your goals. 
  • Budget. We want to keep our budget in mind as we don’t want to break the bank. 


There are many options on the market for different outdoor fitness equipment for adults you can purchase. To help you out, we have rounded up some of the best options for you to work out anywhere.

The 3 in 1 Combo: Strength, Cardio, and Stability Tank 15 by Fluid X

outdoor kettlebell workout

We love the Tank 15 from the Fluid X, it is a water-filled weight or aqua bag that you fill up, pump up, and have a seriously fun workout with. When filling it up, you can choose the weight you want, thanks to the weight indicators on the bag. 


Make sure to leave some air to feel the water's movement. You can interact with the water in different ways. Some examples of exercises you can perform are:

  • Back Squats. Aiming to keep the water as steady as possible would fall in the strength category.
  • Ice Skaters. Swaying the Tank from side to side with you will create a flow exercise to increase your heart rate.
  • Single Leg RDL. Performing this exercise slowly will quickly give you feedback if you have any muscle imbalance going as the water will tilt to that side. 


As far as outdoor fitness equipment for adults goes, the Tank 15 covers all the bases. 

Bodyweight Trainer TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer

outdoor fitness equipment for adults

This suspension trainer is world-renowned for delivering a solid workout without needing weights or dumbbells. It is a piece of equipment that caters to all fitness levels, and you can adjust how difficult an exercise is with a simple adjustment of your body position.  The TRX is great outdoor workout equipment for all these reasons.

Mobility and CoordinationLXRopes

outdoor kettlebell workout

With the ropes from LXRopes you can flow, which involves using your wrists, shoulders, and hips to move the rope in a flowing motion. This movement helps to lubricate your joints, increase your range of motion, and reduces inflammation. 

Use the rope to drill patterns, which will help both sides of the body develop coordination, rotational power, and mobility. Combined footwork and body positions improve balance and rhythm.

Take your rope outside and reconnect with nature. Flow on grass, sand, and even water. When movement exploration gets creative, rope flow is an expression, just like dancing!

Resistance TrainingCore Strength Bands at Decathlon

outdoor fitness equipment for adults

Resistance bands are one of the best portable exercise equipment on the market because you can get a great workout anywhere. You can target the different body parts with different levels of resistance. They are portable and take up very little space on the go. 

For the YogisYogo Ultrafolding Travel Mat

outdoor kettlebell workout

This packable yoga mat can fit easily into your backpack for you to do your flows and stretches anywhere. This yoga mat makes the list of the best portable exercise equipment for its convenient foldable feature. Where most yoga mats need to be rolled, this one folds.  


Wrapping Up on Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults

You want to select a piece of equipment that you find:

  • attractive to use
  • easy to move around with you anywhere
  • fits your fitness goals and budget. 


You can’t go wrong with any of the options here as long as you remember to keep good form and technique when performing all exercises and always choose a safe location. 


Get the outdoor fitness equipment for adults that fits you best and start working out!

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