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About US

Sister team Wendy and Winnie Cheung are serial entrepreneurs who share a love of fitness, startups and swoon-worthy K-drama.

When the pandemic hit and the gyms closed, the sisters went from training at the gym nearly everyday to training at home. Wendy especially missed the community and camaraderie at the gym: a place where nobody talked politics, and everybody supported each other to get stronger on their fitness journeys.

Feeling a bit bored of the usual home workouts, Wendy was introduced to aqua bag training and was immediately inspired and motivated by the versatility, challenge, and fun of the fitness product.

Thus the vision for the Fluid X was born: a community of trainers and fitness enthusiasts who come together for fun and challenging workouts. Together, we can move past our differences and focus on the basics: a healthy, vibrant life.

Aileen Wong

Director of Fitness

Aileen was surrounded by sports since she was a kid. She started playing football when she was 5 years old, then she joined triathlon when she was 9, she kept playing football and in college she got the opportunity to travel around the world and follow her passion: sports. Around this time, she also became a spinning instructor and started discovering a passion for motivating others to be their best selves.

Aileen first moved to Asia in 2010 to study her Master's degree in Architecture, and later moved to Hong Kong to pursue a job in an engineering firm. Yet, the magnetism of fitness was too strong to ignore. She kept playing football in her spare time. Her true calling came knocking when she saw a job position in a Rebounding gym. Aileen bounced her way as she switched careers. Left architecture, moved into fitness full time got her NASM Personal Training Certification and owned that stage. 

Switching careers was scary, it was like starting from scratch. However, there was no doubt in her mind that it was the right choice. Every class she taught, every personal training client she coached, and every smile she got sparked her fire to keep getting better. 

Her burning passion and electric energy shines in every single class, whether its for 10 or 100 people. You can't help but smile when you see her put everything out there.

In the fitness industry, Aileen gets to fullfil her passion and dream of inspiring and helping people to learn to love working out. 

Currently Aileen lives in Hong Kong, lululemon Ambassador, Fitness Director and Master Trainer of Fluid X, she teaches Boxing, HIIT, Strength and FX Functional Training. She is also Co-founder of MINDFIT, which focuses on helping others to inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle and lead a kind and loving relationship with their body.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Trigger Point: Myofascial Compression Techniques Certification
  • NASM Guide to Bodybuilding and Resistance Training
  • Food, Nutrition & Your Heath, Open study
  • Personal Trainer Master Class, UDEMY
  • NASM Combat Bounce Certification
  • NASM Rebounding Certification

Tiara Hoquee

Director of Content Development and Strategy

Tiara has been an avid reader since she could pick up a book and has not put one down since. Her passion for reading sparked a fire for her love of writing. In her senior year, in high school, she fell in love with psychology developing a fascination for the human mind.

She studied her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and wrote a thesis on how women in higher positions in the corporate world have predominantly male traits.

Later, she pursued her Master’s Degree in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching. She worked alongside mental health organizations to develop curriculum and deliver workshops to remove the stigma and provide actionable tools to take care of our mental health daily.

Tiara’s love for fitness developed when she noticed how a regular fitness routine had a vast improvement on her mental health. She started with boxing, and then strength training and running.  She learned to make fitness a habit, you need to find something that is attractive and speaks to you.

She has written various articles in publications such as Honeycombers HK around the topics of well-being and mental health. Tiara also writes a bi-monthly column for Destiny Research Institute on emotional intelligence and coaching.

Currently, Tiara works as an emotional intelligence coach delivering workshops and working with one-on-one clients. She believes in helping people improve their lives by teaching them about emotional intelligence and enhancing mindfulness and taking charge of their feelings to make a positive impact and lasting changes.

She co-founded MINDFIT, which aims to improve people’s relationships with their bodies and mind. Tiara holds over 10+ years of experience in teaching, training, managing, and program development.

Tiara is the Content Strategist for Fluid X, using her background in psychology, writing, and coaching to create content that is educational, fun, and relatable content. She aims to help others find, develop and grow their love for physical and mental health.


Business Development Manager

Tarryn is a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor specializing in women’s health, Pre and postnatal, injury rehab.

She is passionate about helping women improve their health and wellness, and she takes great pride in seeing her clients progress and reach their goals.

Her approach to personal training is holistic, considering not just physical fitness, but also mental and emotional wellbeing. She believes that a positive and supportive environment is key to achieving long-term success, and she strives to create a welcoming, encouraging, and judgment-free atmosphere.


• National Diploma in Fitness and Sports Science.

• HIIT class Instructor

• Bootcamp and outdoor fitness instructor.

• FluidX Trainer

• CPR and First Aid certified.

Social media: 

Instagram @ty_fitt