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Why Fluid X?

Suited for a wide range of exercises including squats, lunges, lifts, curls and swings, the Fluid X Boba is similar to a medicine ball, while the Fluid X Tank can be used like a sandbag to train.
However, that's where the similarities end. Made of high-grade PVC, the Fluid X gives you the option to fill the bags with air or water up to 20 kg to match your training process. Drained, the bag can easily be stored or taken on a trip. 

While static weights promote greater risk of injuries and are limited to training certain muscle groups, an aqua bag forces you to engage all your stabilizing muscles to balance moving water, re-creating real life sports reactions and optimizing your motor control to prevent injuries. Because aqua bags train instability, it is scientifically proven to improve physical rehabilitation and to maximize athlete performance, making it great for people at all levels of fitness.

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How is it different from all the other products out there? 

Most aqua bags on the market are focused on athlete training and elite gym lifters. The Fluid X is designed to be much more accessible, fun, and versatile, especially with the introduction of the Boba--a ball shaped aqua bag with comfortable grip handles great for beginner moves like stretching, yoga, or even fun partner exercises. Check out our range of workout tutorial here to see what it's all about!