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Yoga Enthusiast
Can Secretly Control Minds

Joyful 8 with our FX trainers

1. What stretches would you recommend an elephant?

"Tree pose. Downward dog. Headstand?"

2. Where will you look when Magic Mike lies naked on your bed? 

"At the Magical part!"

3. What exercises will you do with Shrek?

"Maybe a fun dance one so he can bust out his moves."

4. What song do you secretly listen to while working out?

"Nothing's secret. I'll listen to everything loud and proud!"

5. Describe the color red to someone who is blind.

"Fire! Or a chili. Very hot."

6. What is your weirdest or biggest fear?

"To not fulfil my life's purpose. "

7. A night out with Spiderman or Superman?

"Superman! I don't like spiders."

8. What is the one thing you can't travel without? 

"My passport? Haha."

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