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FX Basketball

Fluid X aqua bags are a dynamic, functional way to combine strength, stamina, coordination, and stability exercises into your workout routine. With our Fluid X aqua bags, you have unlimited workout possibilities.

More and more coaches and athletes are turning to Fluid X for instability training. Coach Arthur from Across Hub uses FX equipment to practice basketball drills to improve ankle and knee stability.


The Fluid X product's water-filled design adds a dynamic resistance that challenges your core and stabilizer muscles in ways you've never experienced before. 

Core training can improve athletic performance in strength, sprinting, jumping, balancing, and agility and skill performance in shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and stepping. 

We suggest the FX Boba 13 for instability training drills for basketball training. The shape of the FX Boba can mimic a ball and we have the added benefit of working with the live weight that recruits our stabilizing muscles. Below we detail a couple of exercises with the FX Boba 13 that can help improve your basketball performance:


This exercise is good to improve crossover stability and posture. Due to the nature of the constant movement, we want our body to sync with the water without losing our balance strengthening our ankles and knees and improving our postural integrity. 

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lower your body into a squat, with your legs holding a 45 degree angle. Be careful not to hinge your torso by dropping your shoulder instead, dropping your hips whilst performing this exercise.
  3. Hold your FX equipment of choice by one handle with one hand at a neutral grip.
  4. Start by swinging the FX Boba to one side.
  5. Then while swinging the FX Boba to the other side, switch hands while maintaining a neutral grip.



    This exercise is great to improve jump stability and increase jump height.

    1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    2. Hold your  FX equipment of choice with both hands on the side of the FX Boba/Cube. Hold it with your elbows tucked into your torso and the FX Boba/Cube at chest height.
    3. Start by going into a squat (90 degrees) while keeping your chest and FX Boba/Cube upright.
    4. Then, pushing through the heels of your feet to the balls of your feet, jump up while pushing the FX Boba/Cube overhead.
    5. Land softly, on the balls of your feet, while bringing the FX Boba/Cube back to your chest.


    It also helps reduce the risk of injury by strengthening the stabilizer muscles on your knees and ankles.

    The research shows that “good core strength can act as a stable hub in the movement chain, helping athletes generate and transmit limb strength in a fierce confrontation. This strength helps the trunk quickly regain balance, improving basketball skills.” as stated in the paper: Effect of core training on athletic and skill performance of basketball players: A systematic review.

    Go get you FX Boba 13 and start on these exercises to see the difference on your stability and core strength. 

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