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Fluid X aqua bags are a dynamic, functional way to combine strength, stamina, coordination, and stability exercises into your workout routine. With our Fluid X aqua bags, you have unlimited workout possibilities.

More and more coaches and athletes are turning to Fluid X for instability training. Golf Coach Taby Wong from Tour Mechanics, an indoor golf center that aims to grow the game of golf by applying avant-garde technology to enhance player enjoyment, has been working with FX aqua bags and has seen significant improvements. 

Coach Taby loves to use FX aqua bags for her golf drills and total body stability. She enjoys using water weights as they present a new dynamic of stabilizing weight through movement.

Our Fluid X Tank 15 is a great training tool for golf, as it allows us to practice various movements that will enhance our stabilizer muscles through every exercise. 

Golf is a full-body exercise, so it is crucial that we work on the overall strength of our whole body. When we work out with FX equipment, we can work on compound movements that involve more than one muscle group; it will help build up overall strength a lot more effectively, as well as work on our stabilizer muscles.


Using the FX Tank 15 for an Upward Swing exercise, you add resistance as you swing. This allows you to train your whole body to move in a more structured way by increasing stabilization to improve your accuracy and control, thanks to the live water weight. 

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