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John Chan

Calisthenics Master/ Gymnastic Lover/ Handstand King

"All rounded fitness guy, I love all things fitness, from learning, to watching, to performing, but most of all, I love sharing!"

After having formal gymnastics training at an early age, JC moved on to the tracks and fields and played rugby at a competitive level during his schooling years in the UK and Australia.

He developed a keen interest in anatomy and an enthusiast in fitness as he began his fitness journey as a teenager.

With 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, Jc has continued to acquire new skills and knowledge so that he is equipped with the best information and provide elite coaching to his clients.


- Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified TRX Trainer
- Certified Kettle Bell Instructor
- Certified Bulgarian Bag Instructor

HK Under 18 rugby team

Joyful 8 with John Chan

That must be one of the toughest decision to make, but 100 burpees seems unrealistic for me, so I will have to go with 5mins squat hold (with either very loud music or some sort of a video whilst holding it)

I would like to arm wrestle a monkey, does that count? that or pull ups!

100% early bird, sleeping late would drive me insane!

I would most likely nonstop interrogate her with nonsense...
"JLo! what's up with not aging?"
"Can we do some selfies...for IG? more pls, oh times up?"

I'm lover not a fighter, I'd love to meet some duck sized horses, unless they turn aggressive, in which case I'll have no choice but to push them over.

Most do most guys wear...I'm one of them, I'll let you figure that out!

What's with all the tough questions. BOTH!

Eyes! it does all the communications and you know the saying, it's the window to the soul!


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