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Terence Li

Meet Terence, a single-handicap golfer and a certified Golf Fitness Specialist under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With a TPI Level 2 certification in Golf Fitness and Power, Terence is a leading expert in optimizing golf performance through physical fitness and mobility.

Having experienced the setbacks of a hip injury that affected his golf game, Terence recognized the critical role of physical fitness and functional movement in game improvement. This realization fueled his passion for helping golfers unlock their true potential on the course.

Terence's approach centers on creating personalized training programs that align with the functional biomechanics of the golf swing. He firmly believes that a strong foundation in functional movement is the key to achieving greater clubhead speed, precision, and overall performance, while also reducing the risk of injury and promoting long-term game longevity.

Dedicated to staying ahead in the field, Terence and his team prioritize ongoing education, ensuring they remain at the forefront of sports science and training methodologies. By incorporating evidence-based practices into their coaching, they consistently fine-tune their approach to meet the unique needs of each golfer.