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FX Weightlifting

Fluid X aqua bags are a dynamic, functional way to combine strength, stamina, coordination, and stability exercises into your workout routine. With our Fluid X aqua bags, you have unlimited workout possibilities.


More and more coaches and athletes are turning to Fluid X for instability training. Coach Kay Kay Keung, a weightlifter and powerlifter, uses FX equipment to train her stability.


The Fluid X product's water-filled design adds a dynamic resistance that challenges your core and stabilizer muscles in ways you've never experienced before. 

Stability training benefits efficient movement. In order to produce efficient movements at the joints, there must be a base of stability that allows your body parts to move through their intended ranges of motion without undue restriction.

Powerlifting exercises such as the chest press and squat with the FX Tank 20 create a different challenge. With the maximum capacity of the Tank at 20 kg, it’s not about how heavy the weight is it's about activating to a higher degree the stabilizer muscles in a particular exercise. 

The strengthening of the stabilizer muscles on a specific lift can improve postural integrity, core strength, and consequently improve form and technique, leading to a heavier lift and less risk of injury. 

We suggest the Tank 20 for stability training exercises for weight and powerlifting. The shape of the FX Tank can mimic a barbell, and we have the added benefit of working with the live weight that recruits our stabilizing muscles. Below, we detail some exercises with the FX Tank 20 that can help improve your lifts.


  1. Draw your shoulder blades back behind you to keep from pressing with rounded shoulders.
  2. Hold the Tank 20 from the internal grips with your palms facing out, with elbows locked.
  3. Inhale while lowering the Tank 20 to your chest at the nipple line.
  4. Exhale as you press the Tank above your chest, extending your arms.

Regarding Olympic weightlifting with moves like the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk, the Tank 20 challenges your stability. Performing the same movements with 60% less weight than your usual lift, you still get the challenges of stabilizing the variability of the water in the clean and the jerk. 

The high recruitment of stabilizing muscles to recover your body back to balance from the instability of the water helps correct energy leaks. It helps create a more stable base for landing, reducing the risk of injury and, as we mentioned earlier, leading to a heavier lift. 



In this exercise, we can see Kay Kay performing a Clean to Split Jerk with a Tank 20 filled up to 15 kg. We never want to fill up the Tank to capacity as it will not allow the water to move around. Though Kay Kay performs this with a barbell at 56 kg, the Tank 20 proves a real challenge to her stability. 

The Tank 20 also provides valuable feedback as the movement of the water will be impacted by muscle imbalances. The water's direction gives us information about how we can correct and improve our technique. 

Get your FX Tank 20 and start on these exercises to see the difference in your stabilizer muscles and postural integrity to get a heavier lift!

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