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Personal Trainer

Jess is a personal trainer, fitness instructor for spinning and boxing. As an instructor, she strives to bring a lighter, happier side to movement, while helping those around her reach towards their goals. She’s been there personally, and so knows the importance of never walking the road alone.  Jess is now a founder and studio director of Re/Nation.

Instagram: @jeshih

Joyful 8 with JESS SHIH

I’d akin myself to a cat - more chill and reserved when you first meet me, but once you’re in my good books, I’m loyal till the end.

Definitely no talking! Music and rhythm are what drives the whole class to be motivated.

I’m a sucker for most things with chocolate!

I believe all body parts are here for a reason…but I’ll risk losing my left middle toe for the purposes of this exercise!

If I shower at home, yes. If I shower in the studio…also yes 🤣

Ooh…definitely Bradley Cooper. The man can make me laugh with his humour and ability to impersonate other actors!

Warm, fun-loving, curious, active, all-in.

Summer for sure! I’m a huge wuss when it comes to being cold 🤪


Training classes available with Jess, follow her on Instagram