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By Winnie Cheung

The Best Exercise Equipment for Legs while Sitting

Not every day can we make it to the gym to squeeze in a workout; sometimes, we don’t have enough time or energy. In other cases, we might be injured, or age has begun to challenge how we can exercise. Yet, often our body craves some kind of movement, and we know it will make us feel better. 


Why Exercise When Sitting Down?

There are many ways to adapt and adjust to make an exercise possible while sitting down. There are numerous benefits to exercising on a chair:

  • Improved circulation
  • Building muscle tone
  • Better stability and flexibility
  • Boost energy levels
  • Elevates heart rate


This kind of exercise is especially useful for people who cannot stand for a long time or have issues with their mobility.  


Exercise Equipment for Legs While Sitting

To get the best out of our sitting workout we can add some equipment to add variety and challenge to our routine. Here is some exercise equipment for legs while sitting:


Pedal Exercisers

 exercise equipment for legs while sitting

What? They are small, portable devices that can be placed on the floor or a tabletop and pedaled with the feet to provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout. 

Why? They work like an exercise bike, except with the extra seat and handlebars. Often referred to as a mini bike exerciser, you can experience light to moderate and even high-intensity workouts. They don’t take up much space and can be used while working. A lot of users recommend the DeskCycle


Resistance Bands

 exercise equipment for legs while sitting

What? Elastic bands can be placed around the ankles or above the knees to provide resistance while performing leg exercises.

Why? Adding resistance is a great way to build strength in your legs. They are very lightweight, portable, and take up little space. With great durability, we like the Renoj Resistance Bands.


Ankle Weights

 exercise equipment for legs while sitting

What? Small weights that can be strapped around the ankles. They usually come in 1 lb or 2 lb options. 

Why? Ankle weights help the legs engage in more challenging workouts.  It allows you to move and walk around in them. This one from Bala is so stylish they are fashion statement on its own.


Aqua Bags

 exercise equipment for legs while sitting

What? Adjustable water-filled weights. They are made of durable PVC. You fill them with water, pump in some air, and you’re ready to exercise. 

Why? Aqua bags are great because they are portable and adjustable. The water can be poured out, and it’s easy to take with you. You can adjust the weight as you need a bigger challenge. The soft, bouncy body makes it safe and friendly, and the water movement makes your core muscles engage more in every exercise. We love the Cube 7 from Fluid X.


Leg Exercises to Try


Now you know what the best equipment is for your legs while seated, let’s talk about what exercises you can do. 

For pedal exercisers

The pedal exerciser is great for pedaling in place. The different variations of this equipment for legs while seated will come from adding resistance and how fast you are pedaling. This is the limitation of this particular piece of equipment; it is made for pedaling and just that. 

For resistance bands

Resistance bands give us more flexibility regarding exercise equipment for legs while seated. Some of the exercises we can perform include the following:

 exercise equipment for legs while sitting
  • Seated Leg Press
  • Seated Leg Adductors
  • Leg Extension

For ankle weights 

We have even more flexibility than resistance bands as we can work more easily with our legs individually as well as together.  Some of the suggested exercises are: 

  • Seated calf raise
  • Seated leg extension


For aqua bags

 exercise equipment for legs while sitting

The aqua bags are really fun to play around with. Your imagination is the limit. There’s a reason why Fluid X’s slogan is one aqua bag, unlimited possibilities. That being said, here are some recommended exercises to get you started:

  • Inner Thigh Squeezes 
  • Leg Extensions
  • Calf Pumps
Watch the video below if you need more guidance and ideas for workouts with your Cube 7. It is a full-body workout while seated with the Cube 7, which includes back extensions, thoracic rotations, and oblique crunches.


Get started on your leg exercises while sitting

It doesn’t matter how old you are; exercise is critical to keep you energetic and healthy. That’s why it's important to move regardless of mobility or injuries we might sustain through time. Often we might feel like it’s a struggle and an inconvenience to work out. Yet, I assure you that doing these leg exercises while sitting can help you relieve pain, improve your mobility, get your heart pumping, and release some much need endorphins!


It could be an injury, mobility problems, that you are feeling out of shape, or need a starting point these exercise equipment for legs while seated are great tools to help you get into shape and closer to achieving your fitness goals.

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