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By Winnie Cheung

The Right Size of Aqua Bag for You

What size aqua bag should I get?

Aqua bags, or water-filled weights, are great fitness equipment to take your workout to the next level. At the same time, they are so friendly that if you’re just beginning your fitness journey, they are also a fantastic starting point. 

When we look at the different options that we have when selecting the right size of aqua bag, we are going to be looking at these variables:

  • Fitness Level
  • Maximum Weight
  • Shape

Let’s break these elements down, so we can find the right size of aqua bag for you!


Fitness Level

When deciding what aqua bag to get, consider your fitness level. At this moment, are you starting? Do you train regularly? Are you a seasoned athlete? This will impact your decision based on what goals you want to accomplish with the aqua bags. 

what size aqua bag should i get

If you are beginning your fitness journey, do you want to work only on cardio, or do you want to incorporate strength as well? When focusing on cardio work, the Cube 7 is a great option. 


You can get moving with various exercises like squats, lunges, swings, shoulder presses, and russian twists. You can incorporate the Cube 7 to do upper and lower body exercises as well as core. This is a great option for all beginners! 


The Cube 7 has a special place in my workout routine for all things core related. Add it to sit-ups, crunches, and leg raises for an extra burn.

Maximum Weight

Another element to remember when choosing the right aqua bag is the maximum weight of the equipment. Fluid X, aqua bag manufacturers, have made this piece of information easily accessible to us by adding the maximum weight of any equipment to its name. 

For example, the Cube 7’s maximum weight is 7 kg, while on the other end of the spectrum, we have the Tank 20, which has a maximum weight of 20 kg. As a side note, to get the best results from aqua bag equipment, you want to leave room to pump air, get that water sloshing, and activate those stabilizing muscles. 


what size aqua bag should i get

For our last variable, we have the shape of the equipment. Fluid X provides at the moment two different shapes:

Why do we need to consider the shape? Depending on the exercises we want to perform, we select the shape that better suits those exercises. For exercises where traditionally kettlebells or medicine balls are used, the Boba 13 is the way to go. 

For example, the Boba 13 is a great piece of equipment when doing swings and snatches. Like the Cube 7, it can also be incorporated into your core routine.

For exercises where we traditionally used barbells, the Tank 15 or 20 are both great options depending on which you would like to have as your maximum weight. 


what size aqua bag should i get

Everything that is squat and lunge related is fantastic with the Tanks since it rests comfortably behind your head or shoulders without a metal bar digging into your skin. The water movement also is a great telltale if you have any muscle imbalance when the water sloshes more to one side. It reminds us to brace our core and engage those stabilizer muscles. 

To answer the question, what size aqua bag should I get? We have created this flowchart to make your decision even easier.


what size aqua bag should i get

The best part of aqua bags is that once you have them, you get to decide exactly what weight you want by filling it up with water to a weight that challenges you but is still manageable. Once you have trained with it for a while and are ready for more weight, just add water instead of buying more equipment! 

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