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Up to 20kg

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Similar to Barbells

Similar to Barbells

Similar to Kettle Bells & Medicine Balls  

Great add on for body weight exercises

Exercise Cards

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Plastic water-filled weights


"I'm bored of the same old workout!"

"I want to workout at home!"

"Is there ONE workout that increases core, strength, and balance?"

Then meet THE FLUID X Aqua bag

  • Train Your Core

    As soon as you pick up FX, balancing the aqua bag forces core engagement and keeps your core tight without even having to try.

  • Real World Training

    Unlike a perfectly balanced barbell, adjusting to constantly shifting water replicates sports training like rugby, judo, and tennis.

  • Work Every Muscle

    The FX is versatile and isolates muscle groups that normally cannot be targeted by standard weight training. 

  • Functional & Fun

    Flaunt, swing, stretch, lift, and play with an aqua weight bag. Every workout is different with new challenges.

  • Adjust Your Weight

    From 0 to 20 kg, adjust the weight of your FX bag for a easier or more challenging workout scaled to your level of fitness

  • Take it Anywhere

    Workout anywhere: on the beach, at the park, on vacation. Get weight training in your own home without messing with barbells or plates.

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