The Fluid X


The FX are aqua training bags suited for a wide range of exercises including squats, lunges, lifts, curls and swings. While the Fluid X Boba is similar to a medicine ball, the Fluid X Tank can be used like a sandbag to train. However, that's where the similarities end. 
Made of eco-friendly PVC, the Fluid X gives you the option to fill the bags with air or water up to 20 kg to match your training process. Drained, the bag can easily be stored or taken on a trip.  
Training with aqua bags promote instability training, a form of training that engages all of the body's stabilizing muscles for stronger core, performance, and co-ordination. 

TheBoba 13is shaped like a ball and holds up to 13 kg of water weight. It can be used for stretching, lifting, and swings, just like a kettle bell or medicine ball. TheTank 15andTank 20are similar to sandbags or barbell weights in the gym for deadlifts, lunges, squats, and other fundamental movements. We recommend beginners new to aqua bags experiment with theBoba 13andTank 15before trying the heavierTank 20, as water weights can feel much heavier due to the balancing element. 

While static weights promote greater risk of injuries and are limited to training certain muscle groups, an aqua bag forces you to engage all your stabilizing muscles to balance moving water, re-creating real life sports reactions and optimizing your motor control to prevent injuries. Because aqua bags train instability, there is evidence that this form of training improves physical rehabilitation and maximizes athlete performance, making it great for people at all levels of fitness. Check out ourFX Workoutsto see the FX in action.

Most aqua bags on the market are focused on athlete training and elite gym lifters. The Fluid X is designed to be much more accessible, fun, and versatile, especially with the introduction of the Boba—a ball shaped aqua bag with comfortable grip handles great for beginner moves like stretching, yoga, or even fun partner exercises. Check out our range ofFX trainer workoutshere to see what it's all about! 

YES. In fact, the FX aqua bags and our workouts are designed with beginners in mind for fun, accessible, and effective workouts without the need to head out to the gym or mess around with weights. 

Although aqua bag training is used for physical rehabilitation to correct injury-causing movement patterns, we recommend consulting a physician before beginning any training program. 

Setting Up The Fluid X

To avoid injuries, always start with a lighter weight and gradually increase the weight as you learn more about your body 

It it important not to use warm or hot water as this will soften the PVC body of the Aqua Bag (Only use cold or room temperature water when filling)
To set up the bag:  
1) Expose the push valve by unscrewing the main cap.
2) Press the push valve to open the Aqua Bag (Higher protruding pin means valve is closed).
3) Add water directly into the valve using your faucet or hose to your desired level.
4) Attach the pump nozzle by twisting into the Aqua Bag valve (Make sure the pump valve is closed before attaching pump nozzle) then pump air into the Aqua Bag until it becomes firm.
5) Once firm, unleash the pump nozzle by unscrewing and then screw the cap to keep the Aqua Bag push valve secure.
 Or click here to check out the video.

To empty your Aqua Bag, take it to a sink or safe area to empty water. Remove cap and press push valve open. Turn Aqua Bag sideways until drained.  Shake the bag to get remaining residue out of bag.

To keep your Aqua Bag clean and well maintained, be sure to change the water at least once a month. You may also mix a few drops of bleach with water into your bag, shake it around to clean the inside of the bag.

Make sure to store your Aqua Bag in an area with little or no sunlight. This will keep the Aqua bag in good shape. 

Quality matters to us too. Our bags have been tested to withstand 100 kg body weight and are absolutely leak and burst proof. Not only do the FX aqua bags feature heavy-duty handles, we pre-fill each bag to test pressure and ensure zero leaks and defects before shipping.

Shipping & Delivery

We offer FREE delivery service within Hong Kong. For everywhere else, we offer a flat rate shipping price of $20USD.

Please note that any country, regional or local charges and or tax is/are sole responsibility of the buyer.  

You should get your FX within 2 days in Hong Kong, and 7 - 14 days everywhere else. Due to COVID-19, there may be a slight delay.