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How heavy are the FX aqua bags?

We offer three sizes - TANK 20(20kg when full), TANK 15 (15kg when full) , BOBA 13 (13kg When full)

Weight can be adjusted according to the amount of water in the bag.  


What are the benefits of an FX aqua bag compared to weights?  

The flowing motion of the water inside the bag makes it a perfect tool to train your coordination and core stability.  The less water in the bag, the more the water will move inside the bag, making it harder for stability while working out.  This is perfect to engage both big and small muscles.  


Can I travel with the FX Aqua bags?  

Of course, it is portable, easy to set up and put away.    


How do I set up the Aqua Bag?

It it important not to use warm or hot water as this will soften the PVC body of the Aqua Bag (Only use cold or room temperature water when filling)

To set up the bag:  

1) Expose the push valve by unscrewing the main cap

2) Press the push valve to open the Aqua Bag (Higher protruding pin means valve is closed)

3)  Add water directly into the valve using your faucet or hose to your desired level

4)  Attach the pump nozzle by twisting into the Aqua Bag valve (Make sure the pump valve is closed before attaching pump nozzle) then pump air into the Aqua Bag until it becomes firm

5)  Once firm, unleash the pump nozzle by unscrewing and then screw the cap to keep the Aqua Bag push valve secure

 Or click here to check out video 


How do I empty my FX aqua bag?

To empty your Aqua Bag:  Take it to a sink or safe area to empty water.  Remove cap and press push valve open.  Turn Aqua Bag sideways until drained. 


How should I store my FX bag?

To keep your Aqua Bag clean and well maintained, be sure to change the water at least once a month. 


How should I storage my FX bag?

Make sure to store your Aqua Bag in an area with little or no sunlight.  This will keep the Aqua bag in good shape. 


What are your shipping costs?

We offer FREE delivery service within Hong Kong.  For everywhere else, we offer a flat rate shipping price of $20USD.


Will I have to pay any duties or customs charges?  

Please note that any country, regional or local charges and or tax is/are sole responsibility of the buyer.  


How long does it take for international shipping?

Usually 7 - 14 days.


New to water workouts? Not sure how to begin?

Get arm, leg and whole body workouts plus more in our free 5-Day Welcome Workout Series - now available with all purchases. 

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