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  • portable exercise weights

    Portable Exercise Weights - To Use Anytime, Anywhere

    Learn about portable exercise weights, the types available, and what’s best for you. 

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  • yoga kettlebell

    Yoga Kettlebell: Strength & Flexibility

    Learn how to combine these two fitness disciplines using our aqua bag to work on your flexibility and strength and the same time.
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  • Personal Training Equipment

    Personal Training Gear

    Tired of lugging around heavy equipment for your personal training sessions? It can be tough having to bring around different types of gear for your clients. Being a personal trainer, each client will have different goals and therefore, require different equipment to reach those goals. 
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  • outdoor fitness equipment for adults

    Outdoor Workout: The Best Equipment

    Find out the best outdoor fitness equipment for adults and what factors to consider when purchasing them.

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  • leg exercise equipment for home

    Best Exercise Equipment for Leg Day

    Use these exercises to create your leg workout routine at home. We'll include different types of equipment for an excellent leg day workout!
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  • kettlebell warm up

    The Ultimate Kettlebell Warm Up

    Kettlebells are great tools for improving mobility and strengthening your workout. Here we walk you through the ultimate kettlebell warm-up.
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