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  • personal trainer training course

    Pump Up Your Career: How to Become a Personal Trainer in Hong Kong

    Unleash your passion for fitness and empower others! This guide details how to get certified as a personal trainer in Hong Kong. Learn about qualifications, experience building, and industry success secrets.
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  • Personal Training Equipment

    Personal Training Gear

    Tired of lugging around heavy equipment for your personal training sessions? It can be tough having to bring around different types of gear for your clients. Being a personal trainer, each client will have different goals and therefore, require different equipment to reach those goals. 
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  • A woman with a personal trainer with FluidX's aqua bag - FluidX

    Is it worth hiring a personal trainer in Hong Kong? Yes and no.

    Find out four advantages and four disadvantages of hiring a personal trainer in Hong Kong and whether online trainers can be a solution.
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