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The FluidX’s Commitment to Sustainability

Plastic waste has long posed an urgent challenge for Hong Kong. It’s estimated that around 4.17 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) made its way to the city’s overflowing landfills in 2018, equivalent to 11,428 tonnes per day. Now, thanks to our increased use of plastic cutleries, takeaway boxes, and countless single-use masks during the Covid-19 pandemic, the total amount of solid waste disposed of at landfills reached 5.39 million tonnes (14,739 tonnes per day) in 2020 alone. 

To make matters worse, Hong Kong’s overall recycling rate dropped to a new low of 28 percent in 2020 – breaking the previous record-low rate of 30 percent back in 2018. It is now the second time since 1997 that the local recycling rate has fallen below the 30 percent mark. 

Here at FluidX, we recognize this as a major issue that must not be overlooked, and are committed to providing a sustainable, healthy, and one-of-a-kind workout experience for everyone through each of our user-friendly products

The packaging of each customer purchase of FluidX’s aqua bag Boba and Tank comes in a recyclable carton box, allowing for high-quality products that last long while helping tackle Hong Kong’s plastic pollution problem. With the increased popularity of at-home workouts, FluidX products are the only fitness equipment you need for a portable, fun, and effective home gym experience.

The durability of each of our products further solidifies FluidX’s commitment of promoting sustainable fitness in Hong Kong, with equipment like the FluidX aqua bag Tank, Boba, and Cube all uniquely designed for longtime re-use so that customers won’t have to dispose of or renew them on a frequent basis. 

It’s not easy to find a place in Hong Kong that allows us to recycle our PVC bags with minimum charge and quantity. When people use FluidX products, some bags may sometimes appear more faulty than others. Therefore, rather than simply throwing them out, we encourage people to mail all their old and faulty PVC bags back to us for plastic recycling. 

PVCs are a type of bag made up of a solid form of polyvinyl chloride that is highly durable, flexible, and picked up by most recycling programs. As with many plastic materials from domestic and commercial sectors, faulty FluidX PVC bags undergo the process of plastic recycling – from decomposition and categorization, to destruction and eventual plastic pelletizing, to become brand new products. This allows for a much more sustainable path for unused FluidX equipment, highlighting our commitment to providing environmentally-friendly exercises. 

With recycled, post-consumer plastic, different FluidX products can be re-manufactured into a wide range of new items, from outdoor furniture to upcycled polyester for clothing.  

The FluidX was born out of a community of trainers who desire to help elevate people’s home workouts to the next level through versatile, challenging, and unique fitness routines.

Aqua bag products with adjustable water weights (0-20 kilograms) help replace those traditional gym dumbbells and plates, and can be used for a variety of exercises from squat to press. With the duality and durability of FluidX products, people can make the most of a unique workout experience that improves core, strength, and balance all at once.   

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